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5KPlayer: Top Free Media Player to Play 4K/MKV Videos

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5KPlayer is one of the best free media players to play high-quality 4k and MKV videos. It is quite different from other players out there as it gives you the best performance when it comes to playing 4K videos. It can download videos and audios from different sites. Likewise, it supports streaming over DLNA.

5KPlayer Overview

5KPlayer comes with many cool features. First and foremost is the file format support – it supports playing almost all video formats, which include MKV, Mp4, MTS, MOV, MPEG, MPG, M2TS, WebM, and others – thus the best 4K player for windows.

5KPlayer offers substantial playback support. Now, you can play 4K videos of UHD resolution. Not only does it support HEVC but it also flawlessly supports HDR. Another unique feature of the media player is video codec support – including mainstream video codecs like h.264, h.265, VP8, VP9, VP10, and MPEG formats.


In addition, 5KPlayer supports audio codecs, which include MP3, WAV, AC3, FLAC, AAC, MPEG-2, MP4, WMA, and many others. The player offers seamless AirPlay and DLNA support.

You can use it to directly download MP3 audio files from any YouTube URL. 5KPlayer allows you to play a number of online radio stations. You can also download videos from more than 300 supported websites – you just have to register a free account.

Moreover, on Windows, 5kPlayer supports hardware acceleration and video decoding using the power of GPU – enabling the significant reduction of the load on CPU while playing high-quality 4K or MKV videos. This makes it the best 4k video player and MKV player.

One of the coolest features of the 5KPlayer is to play the radio. It can play satellite radio, which allows you to listen to live radio stations like Planet Rock, BBC, NBC, and The Buffalo, etc. Besides, it supports playing IPTV m3u8/mpd links too.

Focus on Video Playback

In order to check the video playback performance of any media player, it is important that you put it to test. For example, you can test the player by playing 1080 and 4K UHD videos. Remember to focus on testing the bit rate and video decoder feature of the 5KPlayer.

5kplayer play mac

We have tested a number of video formats on 5KPlayer free media player and we must tell you that the results were fascinating. It supports all sorts of decoding via the GPU. Our videos were playing smoothly without any lagging or shattering – even before enabling hardware acceleration. This 4K player Mac will best suit your needs and/or requirements when it comes to playback performance on Mac operating system.

In conclusion

If you are looking for the MKV player or 4K video player – look no further and download 5KPlayer – to erase all your worries about video playing and enhance your video player performance experience.

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