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Top 10 Favorite Gadgets of Every Filmmaker in 2019

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Filmmaking requires passion, hard work, and dedication. Above all these, filmmaking demands creativity along with minimalism. It doesn’t depend on how luxurious your gadgets are, but how you mean to manage them on every filmmaking tour you have got.

Filmmaking gadgets are basically the accessories that almost every person related to this field must have. One can survive without these gadgets of course, but life becomes complicated if you don’t own such gadgets and you are into the filmmaking industry.

For instance, a vlogging camera for YouTubers is a necessary gadget. Without it, a Youtuber cannot survive easily.

In this fashion, I have decided to list down the top 10 best gadgets that every filmmaker must own.

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So, let’s dive right into the main topic without any further ado:

Top 10 Favorite Gadgets of a Filmmaker:

  1. A Photographer Gift Bag:

A gift bag has got its own benefits. One of them is portability. All small and important accessories can easily be adjusted in a gift bag without any worries. That is whey, different filmmakers tend to carry around a photographer gift bag everywhere they go.

So, the first thing that you must have as a filmmaker should be a small gift bag in which you can easily carry around all your accessories.

  1. A Google Nexus 7 Tablet:

Tablets are an essential part of life, especially for the filmmakers. In this fashion, getting yourself a Google Nexus 7 is the best choice you can make. This tablet has got a lightweight design and can be used to carry out different operations at the same time.

Not only that, but Nexus 7 also has got a powerful processor combined with a large battery. You will never run out of battery while having this tablet in your hand. The price is also negotiable.

So, it is necessary that you consider getting a Google Nexus 7 tablet for your filmmaking gear.

  1. An Action Camera:

Action cameras have become so important for filmmakers that it is difficult to survive without them. An action camera has got many features. It allows UHD 4K video quality at a steady fps rate. The design, an action camera has got is very compact and slim. You can literally carry around such cameras in your pocket as well.

GoPro Hero 7 is an action camera on which I count on very often. It offers many features and is available in an affordable price range as well.

  1. HD Camcorder:

A camcorder works as an alternative to bulky vlogging cameras. Camcorders are portable, have got an amazing design and provide you a good video quality to capture live scenery with wide angles.

That being said, as a filmmaker, I always carry around my brand new Canon Vixia RF800 as it has got a slim and lightweight body along with the availability of different features. That is what I will recommend to you especially if you want to never miss out on amazing moments while you are traveling across the globe.

  1. A Memory Card:

As a filmmaker, it is very difficult to keep hold of the storage options because a 4K video or a 1080p video takes a lot of space. You simply can’t rely on the built-in storage of your video making gadgets.

That is why. I always recommend to carry around a memory card with a large storage space. I personally use a Samsung 64GB EVO memory card as it has got a fast reading and writing speed. Not only that, but the Samsung memory card also is available in an affordable budget. Different jackets are also provided with the card to ensure better compatibility options.

Therefore, if you are a filmmaker, make sure that a memory card is a part of your filmmaking gear.

  1. A Drone:

Technology is advancing day by day. Filmmakers are trying their best to add more creativity to their videos. For this purpose, getting a drone is a better option as it allows you to take aerial shots with ease.

However, drones are priced at a higher range and you will need an investment of almost 500 to 1000 bucks to get a worth drone. I have used DJI drones for my own personal video shots and they turned out to be the best bargain I ever made.

So, getting a drone is necessary especially if you want to capture breathtaking moments of the places you visit from the sky.

  1. A Video Editing Software:

Video editing is an important part of filmmaking. Without proper video editing, no one is going to see the kind of videos you make.

Well, there are different video editing software available in the market. However, I will recommend you to invest in a paid video editing app as you will get access to different features of video editing and can save yourself a lot of time as well.

The video editors I have used are Final Cut Pro X, Sony Vegas Pro, and Camtasia Video Editing software. However, Final Cut Pro X has the best User Interface and I will recommend you to get it for making your videos beautiful.

  1. Digital Filmmaking Book:

A book is the best companion of a person. In case if you are a filmmaker, you can’t just sit idly and wait for some miracles to happen in order to be the best filmmaker. Of course, you will need guidance from the pioneers of the filmmaking industry.

That is the reason I always recommend the Digital Filmmaking Guide Book to the filmmakers so that they can explore new ways of making their work as creative as possible.

  1. The Art of Filmmaking Book:

Another book that is worth a read is the Art of Filmmaking. This book has got so much to offer. From the success stories of well-renowned filmmakers to different techniques of making films, this book has got everything. Right after finishing the first book I have recommended, you must start reading this as soon as possible.

  1. Clapperboard:

The last favorite gadget of many filmmakers is a clapperboard which is necessary for taking out different operations easily. You can work professionally by marking each scene on a clapperboard.

Not only that but having a clapperboard will also give you an aesthetic pleasure that yeah, I am a Professional filmmaker. So, make sure that you add a clapperboard in your filmmaking gear if you want to be unique in your field.

Some Last Words:

That would be all from me. I hope that you complete your gear in sequence by getting all the gadgets I have mentioned above. Keep working hard and you will be one of the prominent filmmakers in the world.

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