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Cyber Crime Investigation Tools & Techniques Explained

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Have you ever thought about how cybercrime cases are solved? Well, it is not as easy as you think. It requires a ton of clever techniques as well as tools to preserve and find out digital evidence. Private Investigators often get asked about the tools and tricks for solving a cybercrime.

Well,  we took your requirements as a command; that’s why we are here to talk to you in detail. This article will discuss all the techniques and tools that a cybercrime investigation agency uses to solve a case.

A Foreword to Cybercrime

A lot of us have heard about the increasing cases of cyber crime. But what is cyber crime? This is the type of frauds and scams that happen on the internet and computer world. In these crimes, a criminal does not physically assault you, but he virtually scams you. In the end, the victim can have financial or reputational losses.

In short, there is no physical interaction in the crime; instead, everything is happening in the virtual world of the internet.

Role of Cyber Crime Investigation

Cybersecurity and cybercrime investigations are founded to solve these virtual corruptions and to minimize the crime. They use techniques and advanced software to solve these cases.

Cybercrime Investigation Techniques

To solve a case, an investigation agency should have a proper technique to find the culprit. While keeping this under consideration, cyber crime investigations agencies have formed the following procedure.

Response and reservation

After getting a scam complaint, the first and foremost task of cyber investigators is to reach and reserve the digital devices involved in the crime. It is necessary to do, so there is no mishandling or loss of information.

Information gathering

After securing the devices, investigators dig deep and try to find as much evidence as they can. In this way, they can picture the crime clearly to make a path to solve it.


As internet devices are always used for hacking, investigations move all the evidence to a secure place, so there is no altering evidence.

Data analysis

After collecting all data, the agency now examines and investigates the devices, extracting vital information from them. They do it by using specialized tools for cybercrime investigation.

Investigation and finding

Data analysis leads to suspects who lead investigation forwards. And after a time, the inquiry leads to the criminal.

Tools required for cybercrime investigation

A cybercrime investigation is incomplete without proper tools. Following are the equipment vital for a cybercrime investigation.

X- way forensics 

It is an image forensic tool to clone and image data, files, and raw pictures from a device. Forensic investigators use this software due to its effectiveness and ease of use. It means that you can carry it around in a flash drive and use it anywhere on every device. It is easily compatible with any version of the Windows program.

Sleuth kit

It is a part of cybercrime investigator tools that are used for data collection and recovery. You can easily copy and collect data from the victim’s device and retrieve damaged and deleted data through it. This also helps to trace out the erased evidence from the crime scenes.

Imager FTK

The investigators use this software to retrieve data from the target device and generate master copies without damaging the original data.

Oxygen detective forensic software

One of the essential software, the Oxygen detective program, is a treasured asset in cybercrime. The principal use of this software is to access digital devices for data and evidence collection. It can access secured drones, phones, laptops of different applications. Moreover, it can also retrieve data from these devices.

With this software, a cyber investigating company can gain the user’s vital information. We can say that it’s a locksmith of all devices.

Bulk extractor program

Whether it’s emails, credit card information, URLs, images, or histories, Bulk extractor, like its name says, will give you all the information. It is compatible with all IOS, Android, or Windows devices and consistently takes out the bulk of office or personal data quickly.

Digital forensics

This program is a part of forensic that extracts local as well as community-based data and information. It is used to keep track of the suspect’s device activity. Along with that, it is compatible with all operating programs like windows, IOS, etc.

Final words

Tools and methods of a cybercrime investigation agency are the backbones of research. The motive of cyber investigation is to solve virtual crimes based on the internet. For these reasons, good technique and equipment are necessary to successfully solve a case.

That’s why we talked about these powerful tools and techniques of a cybercrime investigation that helps in the case. Thanks for giving this article a read. We hope that it provides you with maximum information in a short time. And remember, never fall prey to the scammers or phishers, if you have any issues keep calm and contact authorities.

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