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7 Benefits of TOGAF That Your Business Can Reap

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The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF is used by businesses to plan, design and develop their enterprise infrastructure according to their requirements.


With its flexible methodology, TOGAF helps large-scale organizations to make important changes in their operational structures, so that they can achieve their development targets with minimal risks or expenditure.


TOGAF and ADM, i.e., Architectural Development Method are there to help a business align with its IT capabilities and goals.


This is where a trained architect or a TOGAF certified professional can help to design, implement and combine all the IT development strategies.


Why Use TOGAF?


TOGAF is a relatively new discipline, and its first version was released in the year 1995. Although it has been there for more than two decades, businesses still are dubious about why and how to use it for scaling their profits.


Making any significant change to a big enterprise can be a nightmare as there are so many factors to keep in mind for creating an effective plan and strategy.


A certified TOGAF professional helps to simplify the complicated technical processes by establishing a set of ROIs and how different sections of the business can contribute to achieving them.


It helps in cutting down unnecessary expenditure and boost the overall efficiency of the organization.


An enterprise architect responsibility is to make sure that all the aspects of the technology infrastructures and processes are running smoothly from start to finish.


Most of the developers and technical leads take a try to master the complex principles of enterprise architecture to have a successful career.


According to a survey, there are more than 70,000 TOGAF® 9 certified professionals in more than 140 countries.


A certified TOGAF professional manages work across various portfolios and handles different meetings and projects, such as:


  • Architecture Strategy – It includes all the strategies of IT architectures such as analyzing the current as well as the future path of the company.


  • Review Meetings – It is the regular meeting of the investors who discuss the state of current architectures.


  • Governance meetings – It involves the stakeholders who make decisions regarding policies, security, and protocols of the organization.


Benefits of TOGAF for Your Business


TOGAF help businesses to create a clear picture of the IT infrastructure and architecture they already have. It also helps in planning and establishing accurate and refined development strategies.


It provides a clear methodology for enterprises and organizations to reach from point A to point B effectively. The process involves taking consideration of the needs and requirements of all the participating departments so that any problems can be detected in advance.


The methodology includes all the elements of an organization, including ITIL, COBIT 5, and others.


This may look very impressive but for the organizations who are not familiar with enterprise architecture development might still be not sure about its advantages.


So, here is the list of seven ways how TOGAF benefits your business:



  • TOGAF increases the efficiency of enterprise architecture development



The architecture of an organization is a blueprint of its working which includes several essential elements such as IT infrastructure, departments, investors and stakeholders.


Due to the competition in the marketplace, organizations need to change their strategies and cannot be static constantly.


Changes in technology can make significant updates on how a company is structured and works. Creating and developing a new company architecture involves time, effort and expertise.


It is not advisable to take things lightly when your organizations’ future success is on the line. A certified TOGAF professional is an expert in enterprise architect development and can make strategies effectively to make quick changes.


They help in reducing risk, wastage which leads to major savings.


  1. TOGAF can help in futureproofing organizations


The most important benefit of TOGAF-based architectures is that they can be used again and again. Once the blueprint of the company has been developed, it can be refined and reused while making additional changes to the system.


The blueprint can be adjusted according to the new changes made, further improving the IT capabilities and structures.


As TOGAF was first developed 25 years ago, its framework has not been transformed. With its every update, new improved tools and methodologies are introduced to improve the efficiency of businesses further.


  1. It provides a common terminology across the world


The reason why TOGAF is used widely is because of its concise and common terminologies. The professionals understand the terminology of TOGAF which helps in communicating effectively.


This is a massive benefit for an enterprise as it eases collaboration between different industries.


It has several advantages such as professionals can focus on work and solve company-wide problems such as the need for a new framework or security issues.


It helps in identifying potential errors and provides practical solutions quickly.


  1. Low cost for becoming a TOGAF certified


The first question any organization asks about TOGAF is about its cost.


To answer this, we must first understand the long-term benefits of a TOGAF Certification. The efficiency provided by TOGAF helps businesses to save a lot of time, effort, and money. The certification also does not expire; hence, professionals can enhance their knowledge as TOGAF itself is updated.


The cost of becoming a TOGAF certified is also very less. Businesses can upskill their dozens or hundreds of employees without worrying about overspend.


  1. Flexible for different businesses


TOGAF has all the necessary tools which are required for enterprises to create successful architectures. It allows the process to flow organically and smoothly rather than forcing a drastic change.


If your business is spread in several locations, then you must have goals which set you apart from your competitors.


TOGAF is so flexible that it can build a framework which is unique for you with the help of additional frameworks.


  1. You can learn TOGAF at your own pace


Gone are the days where you had to enroll in a classroom program to learn a particular skill. Nowadays, you can know everything about TOGAF online at your own pace.


It is not only cheaper but also provides tools which help to learn according to your convenience. It helps in managing your schedule according to your requirements.


As a business, you can save a lot of money as you can use a single resource to upskill all your employees. It will not only increase the efficiency of employees but will also make them quick learner.


  1. TOGAF is continuously evolving


As we already discussed above that in order to stay ahead of your competitors you need to evolve continuously.


TOGAF is also continually being improved by introducing new tools and techniques to make the overall process smooth. However, the core principle and framework of TOGAF is still intact without any considerable changes.


Hence, the employees who are familiar with its older versions can work effectively with ones who have up to date knowledge.


The Final Say


The primary goal of TOGAF is to perform more tasks efficiently with the least amount of time and effort.


A TOGAF training for the employees can reduce the overall enterprise’s cost and increases profits significantly.


The methods used in TOGAF is so adjustable that it can help you to achieve your business goals without any risks and less expenditure.

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