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How Effective Are Web Browser Push Notifications

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It’s hardly possible to find someone who hasn’t seen a little pop-up opening on the site asking allowance to send notifications to you. It’s just inevitable.

Well, this is just what web push notifications present. This is a notification version that is shown on the browser level. No matter what site you are at that current moment, the notification will reach to you.

Once you get the approval, you are ready to start sending push notifications each time you have the stuff to display to your subscribers, while they are on the net.

This is a perfect way to keep connected with your shoppers keeping them updated with small pretty notification messages.

The perfect point in this whole picture is that the user doesn’t have to be on your site to receive your message or the offer. You can keep the connection with them, no matter where on the net they are.

Push Notifications are known as the greatest aids that can immensely increase your sales. These are the greatest weapon for any online marketer’s arsenal.

There are some points to consider when starting a web push notification campaign, you need to be aware of. Let’s check them now!

Push notifications effectiveness on eCommerce websites

Popup Maker Push notification - eCommerce

Researches by Oracle Responsys show amazing statistics about the effectiveness of web push notifications. Almost 98% of web push notifications reach their destination, which means people mostly Turn on push notifications when offered. This is really a high indicator for someone who wants to start a web push notification campaign.

Push notifications are shown on desktops as well as on mobile, so the targeting power is really great.

It’s proven that push notification is much effective than email campaigns, and there are more conversions via push notifications. You can collect more subscribers via push notification windows rather than via email. The greatest advantage of push notification is the fact they collect no personal data like email, name, phone.

So, if you have a Commerce website, this is a great opportunity for you to increase your sale in the shortest time!

Build up a web push notification popup and ask users to let you send push notification messages. The point is to be inviting and show an engaging popup to convince users to accept your offer. This is the first and the most important step in your campaign. As soon as the users give their permission, you are ready to start your perfect push notification campaign.

As soon as you collect some amount of subscribers, you are ready to go! Promote more sales creating a feeling of rush in your customers. Telling that there are few items left in the stock will push them for shopping. Display this message in push notification and don’t forget about a link on the message that will redirect them to your store.

Push notification conversions on Blogs

Popup Maker - Push notification - blogs

If you are a writer in a blog, you should clearly know that push notification is the most powerful means to entice and engage with your readers. This is a perfect way to keep them engaged with all your news and posts.

Push notifications on blogs or online magazines are a way to hook on readers and attract them with your news. These usually 140 character messages can do real magic for your blog.

Push notification is especially great for “breaking news” sharing on your blog. It can be real-time taking to email all your subscribers about every single news you have on your blog. Plus, it will take forever to collect a good email list to reach out to more people. As people mostly avoid sharing personal data, like email, with site owners.

And, considering that web push notifications require NO personal data for subscription, we can be sure that this is a much better way of collecting subscribers.

Simply show a neat popup on your blog, then ask the readers to let you to deliver notifications to them, and that’s it!

Once they hit “Allow” they will go straight to your subscribers’ list. You’ll be able to inform the subscribers about every single news via a simple click. The coolest thing is that there’s no way for them not to get your notifications. No matter on what site they are on at that moment, they will see the message box on their browser.

Push notifications for Sales alerts

Popup Maker Push-notification - sales alert

Researches have shown that almost 65% of the eCommerce site visitors abandon, not finishing the purchase on the site. They leave the website having items on their carts, not finalizing the purchase after all.

eCommerce owners know perfectly that there’s no more trouble than cart abandonment. This is why you should implement any measures to reduce cart abandonment percentage on your site.

Web push notifications are the superheroes in this situation as well. No other tool can help you reduce cart abandonment percentage better than push notification.

This is the ultimate method to “push” the shoppers to finalize the purchase bringing you more sales and reducing the abandonment indicators.

It’s a proven fact that push notifications are a lot more engaging than emails. So just implement this super-cool solution on your site and get more sales.

The most effective ways of pushing customers for more shopping is offering discounts to them.

So all you need to do is announce about sales on your store via a nice push notification alert and watch how the sales will grow on your store.

Push Notification popups

Popup Maker - Push Notification popup

Push notifications are the most powerful way for sustaining the sales growth on any website. In fact, push notifications are for 50% more effective than email marketing.

But all this starts with a nicely constructed, convincing popup that will ask users to allow notifications.

In fact, this is the most important part of the push notification campaign. Your success in this campaign actually depends on how impressive and attractive popup you show for getting allowance. Make sure you will entice the visitor and your offer will interest them so they hit “allow” for receiving notifications from you.

The point is just to serve the offer as enticing as you can. Make them think they just need to get your notifications as you are constantly sharing cool updates, great sales, new hot posts, etc.

Be impressive and eye-catching. As soon as you get approved, you are ready to start your super effective push notification campaign. The visitors who allow you to deliver them notifications, automatically are being added to your subscribers’ list. So you are able to send notifications independent of the website they are. This is a browser level notification, without any personal data collection.



Web push notifications can totally be considered as the new generation of effective online marketing.

There are so many advantages that this tool offers that no doubts are being left to start a push campaign right away.

They do not collect personal data from the users. They are much more reachable. No matter where the customer is on the net at that moment, he/she will see your message.

This is an ideal super-solution to increase sales, to get more conversions and stay engaged with your users.

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