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Artificial Intelligence Could Make a Perfect Online Match for You

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The world of online dating is poised to change in a very dramatic fashion in the near future. As we get closer and closer to true AI, people will find that dating websites are taking more control over their users’ profiles. This isn’t a bad thing, necessarily, it’s just a simple fact that humans are not as good at picking out partners as they believe. Computers, on the other hand, are great at breaking down the little idiosyncrasies of human behavior and matching people based on that criteria. We’ve been attempting to do this since the first matching profiles were released on dating websites decades ago, and it’s coming to fruition- here’s how.

Dedicated Algorithms Memorize Your Choice

The first way that artificial intelligence can be used to help you find the perfect match is by memorizing the choices that you make. When you go to a dating site, you might send messages to a specific subset of women. It could be blonde, twenty-somethings that have a college degree. You might not pick up on the connection right away, but the AI will pick up on it. Anything that you choose for preferences, it will remember. That way, when you hop onto a dating site, the AI will tell you about the people that meet your requirements in seconds. It’s an incredibly useful tool that takes all the time and hassles out of finding partners that are attractive to you. Best of all, you will be able to clear the settings at any time if you want to swap features or dating styles. Indicate your preferences and choose singles online who fits your needs.

Security on Top: User’s Moderation

Spammers Will Get Blocked Immediately

One of the biggest problems with online dating in the present day is all the people that are using these sites to scam people. You have profiles that show you a beautiful young woman and it turns out it’s someone using a pretty face to get your credit card information. You have outright scams and other security concerns like catfishing or spamming in the chat rooms. All of these things can diminish the environment of an online dating service. However, when you start seeing AI creep into these sites, they’ll be able to identify the spam and do away with it in seconds. This will offer a lot of protection for dating sites and their users. As such, people will be able to have a better time when using the sites and be more open to becoming members of lesser-known dating services. AI security can be helpful for everyone!

Let It Help You To Fill in a Profile Better

Artificial Intelligence Will Indicate Mistakes and Tell How To Fix Them

When you are making a profile, there are certain things that you can do that will make your profile appear really planned-out. People like to look at profiles that have certain features like a picture taken in certain light and at specific angles, for example. By quantifying all these little aspects of a dating site, AI can start helping you when you are planning out your dating profile. For example, when you’re placing a picture on the site, you’ll have a notice saying that you should try taking one in a better light. When you’re describing yourself, the AI might suggest words or any changes that would make you a more attractive individual based on the rest of your profile’s information. Now only can AI be a proactive measure towards helping you develop your profile, but it can stop you from making mistakes. Some things hurt your profile like not having pictures or using inflammatory language. An AI can scan your profile in seconds and reveal issues that you can fix that will have a calculated impact on the way that you are perceived. Of course, AI will also have the option of helping you appear a certain way like nonchalant, educated, wealthy, and more. These are just some of the basic impacts AI can have on profile development.

When looking at how AI will shape the world of the future, not many people stop to consider what is going to happen to our online dating sites. The romances of the future are going to be based on specific criteria and will be less about chance encounters. While that might take some of the spontaneity out of the situation, it will help people be happier overall; at least, that’s the goal.

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