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An overview of top technological trends of 2021

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Technological advancement has never been so rapid as it is now. Technology is evolving at an enormous speed and leading towards faster change and progress. The rate of change has been escalated since the era of invention and enhancement has dominated the environment. Companies are now embracing change and the capacity to adjust the technological change in an organization has been enhanced to the level where the company achieves maximum optimization.

It is not only technology trends that are evolving, due to COVID 19 breakout, many other aspects also changed putting the IT professionals into action. Considering the futuristic aspect of the contactless world, the role of IT is more likely to influence the daily life experiences and overall world. There are some technological trends of 2021 that hold significance in the job market and are practiced by businesses all around the world.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning 

The emergence of AI has been further escalated since the last decade. It continues to remain one of the top technology trends that have effects on how we work, live and, play is only in the initial stages. AI has already been proved superior in speech recognition and image, smartphone personal assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, Amazon Alexa, DataBot, Bixby and, Cortana.

Most likely in the future, AI would be used to analyze interactions to discover underlying connections. AI would also be helpful in predicting demands for services like directing hospitals in taking the right decision regarding resource utilization. Plus the changing patterns of consumer behavior by analyzing data in real-time which would enable businesses to provide an enhanced personalized experience. There are some AI-powered trading platforms like that provide enhanced trading experience to their users.

According to the sources, the AI market is expected to become around $190 billion industry by the end of 2025. The emergence of AI in different sectors would lead to various job creation, for example, jobs in programming, testing, maintenance, and development.

Machine learning is considered a type or subset of Artificial intelligence and is adopted by many businesses across the leading industries indicating towards high demand for skilled and experienced people. According to the predictions by Forrester, machine learning is more likely to create around 9 % of new jobs by 2025.


Edge Computing

Cloud computing is relatively a new trend in technological enhancement and is becoming more popular in the mainstream along with the key players “Amazon web series” and Google Cloud Platform. The adoption rate is increasing every year and more companies and global brands are moving towards cloud solutions, but the interesting part is that it’s no longer the latest technology trend but Edge is.

The latency problem caused by cloud computing by getting data to a data center. Edge computing help to deal with such problems. Edge computing data could be used in such remote locations where there is no connectivity to a centralized location by processing time-sensitive data. In such a situation, edge computing acts as a mini data center.

The increase in the demand for edge computing is dependent upon the increase in the “Internet of things” devices. It is predicted that by 2022, the edge computing market is expected to hit more than $ 6.7 billion. Mostly software-related jobs would be created in edge computing and the technology would further grow.



Blockchain is popular in the virtual currency business, as the world’s most reputable digital currency is backed and supported by the underlying technology “blockchain”. Blockchain offers security that is useful in multiple other ways.

In simple words, blockchain is about the privacy of data, when only you have the hold over data and only you can add and change data, that’s why it makes a chain of data, no change in the previous block makes it something unique and properly secure.

There is no need to take help from a third party while validating transactions in the blockchain. Several industries are looking forward to adopting this technology. The essential skills required to excel in blockchain technology include experience in programming languages, data structures, networking, and Web app development and, the fundamentals of OOPS.


Cyber security 

Cyber security might not an emerging technology as it has been around for a while, but it is evolving more than other technologies as it deals with threats and scams that never remain the same, as threats and cyberattacks kept on changing, cybersecurity kept on evolving.

Hackers are always looking forward to getting access to sensitive data through illegal means, hence security measures play an integral role in keeping the data secure from cyber threats and hackers. The amazing fact is that the jobs in this sector of technology are increasing three times faster than in other tech-related jobs. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, around $ 6 trillion would be spent on cybersecurity worldwide.



No matter how much technology evolves, there would always be something left to be solved. The latest technologies would create jobs, and professionals holding expertise and skills in emerging technologies are more likely to get benefit from it.

There are some other technologies as well that hold significance in 2021, such as 5G, Internet of things, virtual reality and, Quantum computing.

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