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An Overview of How Different Industries are Using Digital Signage

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There is little doubt that those companies who adapt and innovate are the ones that grab market share. This is the case regardless of what industry they are involved in. Being able to do this means keeping a close eye on new technology. Then, working out how it might be put to use to improve efficiency, serve customers better, reduce costs and improve staff retention.

Some new technologies only really work for certain industries. While others bring substantial benefits to practically any business, regardless of the sector they are operating in. This is certainly the case when it comes to digital display screens. Any digital signage company owner will tell you that their client base is a diverse one. Over the past few years, the adoption of this new technology has accelerated as business owners have woken up to how versatile and useful digital display screens are. Here is just a taste of how they are being increasingly put to use in retail outlets, offices, warehouses, and other workplaces.

Digital display screens usage in retail

The retail sector has been an early adopter of this technology. Shop owners everywhere instantly realized that replacing their static posters with a large screen would enable them to better target their customers.

They can now change what is being advertised whenever they want. So, if the owner of a fashion store sees an influencer wearing a certain outfit that day on TikTok, they can grab something similar off the rack and model it. A colleague can photograph them wearing it and a promotional image-based advert can be created. That image can be added to the display screen along with details of a special offer. As you can see here, using a template it is possible to create that kind of advert in under 30 minutes.

How the hospitality sector is using digital displays to sell more

The hospitality sector is doing something similar. For example, using them to tempt with their daily specials. Or by changing their digital menu to highlight the availability of warming soup on cold days or salads on sunny ones.

Tweaking menus and adverts to fit in with what consumers are likely to be interested in or fancy at that moment is resulting in higher sales. Digital displays provide retailers with the flexibility to pivot their marketing efforts within minutes.

How display screen advertising is saving retailers money

It is also, in most cases, cutting the cost of advertising by a significant percentage. Paying for dozens of posters, banners and leaflets every month is not cheap. Especially when other costs are factored in. For example, the time it takes staff to remove old static advertising and hang the new posters. A job that usually involves the use of a ladder, which is potentially dangerous. Given that, according to the CDC, that 20% of US workers who have suffered a fall-related injury were using a ladder at the time, this is actually an important consideration.

Advertising firms are increasingly switching from static to digital billboards

Many marketing firms are clamoring to keep up. To do so outdoor advertising companies are increasingly ripping down their old static billboards and poster frames and replacing them with huge digital display screens.

Potentially, that space can now be used for several clients at the same time. In the morning a restaurant chain may use it to advertise their breakfast offer. Mid-morning a food firm may want to use that same space to market their new range of healthy kids snacks to parents who are shopping for that day’s meal ingredients. Being able to effectively sell the same space twice, means that it does not take long for the cost of installing the screens to be recouped.

The use of digital signage in warehouses and workshops

However, digital display screens need not only be used as a marketing tool. They also have the potential to play a role in improving safety, communication, and productivity within a workspace.

Increasingly, warehouses and workshops are using them to do exactly that. They make great replacements for static posters. Including ones that carry important safety or work ethic messages. It is also possible to use screens to remind staff of events or to encourage them to take up training opportunities.

Why factories are using more digital display signs

Factories are also doing something similar with the digital screens that they own. But many have taken things a step further by adding them to production lines. There they help workers to keep track of what they are doing and workflow. In some cases, short training videos are shown so that people taking over a new workstation can be instantly shown what to do.

The future of digital displays is bright

Right now, it is the touch screen sector that is growing fast. Once deployed they enable customers to serve themselves. While they are doing so, discount offers that fit in perfectly with what they have already decided to buy can be shown to them, as a way of boosting sales.


There is little doubt that the use of display screens in most industries is going to become increasingly common.


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