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Are You Sure Your Website Is A Quality Website? 7 Things That Prove You Wrong

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So you are done with your website ? How is it working? Hopefully it is working well and you are enjoying the profits and revenues. Only your website can take you into each and every home and industry at a global level and if that is not working well for you then what is the use of having an online presence? If you are getting good responses that is great and you’ll enjoy the number of increased visitors on your website and the revenues.

Even after getting a huge number of visitors on your website I have some points that will prove that your website is not a good quality website. Here are 7 things that are making your website DULL.

#1. Is Your Website A Balanced Website?

You must be thinking what the hell is this balanced website? Well a balanced website is the one that is in complete sync with the products and services that it is showing. It means that your website should not tip to one side when the weight on that particular side is more.

If you are not careful about the things on your website then it might cause a sense of asymmetry on your website. You can always make your website a symmetrical website by manipulating a number of factors like design, color and by adding or removing certain elements on your website.

#2. Do You Have Correct Color Coding On Your Website?

When you are designing a website it is important to keep the base color similar for all the pages. What if you have changed the base red color of your website to lime green? It won’t look good. While designing a website, you cannot just pick your colors randomly; you have to make your color choice in a sensible way. You have to choose well and have a good mix of your website colors.

Some colors really go well together but are a complete mismatch. There are a lot of theories related to colors and their combination. But the truth is that there is no such formula for selecting the color for your website; it is just common sense that you need.

#3. Have You Ever Thought About Grid?

The concept of grids is very much related to that of balance. Grid is a series of vertical and horizontal rulers that actually help you in compartmentalizing your web design. You can also think of columns. Columns will improve the readability and making the content of your page a lot easier to absorb. By spacing and ruling up it will make everything on your website a lot easier for you. While designing a website make sure that you take care of all such small things like balancing and grid to make it a well organized website.

#4. How Are The Graphics Of Your Website Working?

You should know that great designs do not always require any fancy graphics. But if your designs are weak and they have poor graphics, this will definitely affect your website. This might be the reason that your website is bad quality. Graphics are mainly added to provide some visual message to your visitors. There are too many websites that have highly impressive graphics available on them while other websites are understated.

#5. Think About The Typography On Your Website

The font style that you have used on your website is something that you need to reconsider. The typing style on your website contains a lot of elements in it. You can also take the font as another branch of design but sometimes it feels that even a lifetime will not be enough to learn these designing tricks.

So if we talk about only the typography section then it is handicapped as compared to the printed typography. The major difference is that we cannot control the appearance of the type on the web because of its dynamic character. It is obvious that the dynamic rendering will give you its new strengths but web designers have very little control over the desired results.

#6. Using the White Space

White space is also called a negative space and it has to do a lot with what is not present there. Similar to measuring and leading, white space will provide your text with some breathing room and some spatial peace. You can also make these elements stand out differently by adding some white space around them. Nothing is allowed to look cramped. To make sure that readability is good you have to check if your paragraphs have sufficient padding on the website. Here are some Inspiring examples of white space in web design.

#7. Is your Website making a good Connection?

Connections referring to web designs are made up of both consistency and unity. These two things show the professionalism in the design (and thus its designer). These two are highly broad attributes. A design has to be very consistent as per its colors, the range of the fonts, with the icons etc. All of these aspects are important and your design may look great but still it can suffer from inconsistencies.

I am sure that while designing a website you may not have thought of these points. Nobody does actually. Everybody is just focused on designing an appealing website and they want it to look good. They care about the images to be used, content on the pages, the look of the page and lot more factors, but they forget to think about these minor but very important factors. Think about these points and integrate them into your website. Your website will be amongst the topmost quality websites available on the internet. Enjoy the magic.

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