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Supercharge Your Mobile App by Using Data

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The current technological trends have been able to allow businesses to store and leverage large amounts of data. Because of this, these days, marketers have it like they never had before. Data is like the gold rush of the 1800s; if collected and used in the right way, it can push your business to whole new levels. It is because of data that from now on we will be able to see an age of vastly improved user experiences.

Data will also create new opportunities for brands to interact with their customers via their mobile devices. We look forward to seeing marketers improve their skills in using data so as to deliver better and more efficient marketing strategies, personalized interfaces and relevant content.

Right now many businesses are working on updating their mobile programs to allow them to store data related to their user’s mobile experiences. Don’t be one those who are being passed by at the moment. You will quite likely remain behind those who have moved on with this wave of new technology.

Tracking Data

To utilize data, it is essential that tracking data becomes part of your system and offers accessible data that is available for planning programs. From there forward, it will be possible to re-target and re-engage your customers based on their personal interests. It is all about creating an improved user experience and that is what you should be working towards.

A good number of the mobile applications currently are static; they do not respond at all to context. They tend to have a common mode of operation. It does not matter where you are, who you are or what you do. However, we can now begin to see some big improvements due to companies using data. Many companies are now utilizing data which they then use to feed content and configuration information into the apps so as to make the user experience a more personalized affair.

Collect the Proper Data

The first and the most important step is to collect the proper data. From here, marketers are able to leverage data to those places where they can then be creative and make the user experience more personal. I know most of you may not be comfortable with some of these techniques. However, the truth of the matter is that they are not as hard as some of you may be tempted to think.

You will want to learn these skills so that others that do will not leave your business behind. Mobile app success in the near future will happen for those that create or utilize a data tracking system that will give them the proper data so that they can begin to interact with customers on a more personal level.

Real-time Advertising Data

One simple thing you can do to get started is use real-time advertising data to maximize the in-app user experience. When you use data to target your ads you will begin by attracting more of the attention of customers. As you track their activity, you will then be in a position to determine the content the customer will be shown and then decide how to structure the viewing of in-app messaging based on their responses. This way you can build the in-app app experience in accordance with the needs of different customers.

Keep in mind you can do all this by simply making use of advertising data. By tracking the ad creative shown and generating the on-board experience dynamically it improves the customer experience within the app. This will create an in-app experience that is more relevant to the needs of your individual customers and you will see an improved rate of conversion and customer engagement.

Personalized Push Notifications

Another option is to use personalized push notifications to engage your customers. Push notifications can be a potent tool for re-engagement. Remember that your users can experience push notification fatigue if you send too many. The optimum way to engage your users is by supplementing your app messaging with targeted ads delivered leveraging your collected data. This way, you’re using real information to deliver content relevant to them.

How, When, Where & Why

Keep in mind that when you collect data, it’s not just about the number of downloads your app has, you need to learn how, when, where and why. The way to learn this is through collecting the proper data, analyzing that data and then acting upon it. By taking steps and collecting and monitoring the right data, you will be able to learn about your users, what they want and how to improve your app. Remember that you will need to track the data that makes sense for your app and for your audience. Not every app or audience is the same.

The unique qualities of your app and audience will affect which data that needs to be tracked. Based on this information, you can identify the key metrics that you need to track and then look at how to analyze that data properly.

User Experience

Creating a remarkable user experience is all about responsiveness and engaging your users. Content should be relevant and delivered when appropriate. By tracking data and adjusting your app as necessary, based on the results of your tracking, you will be able to deliver these to your app users.

When we look at the future of mobile applications and customer experience, the use of marketing data looms large in the near future. Businesses will therefore need to transform the way they use mobile technology to better engage with customers by leveraging data.

Final Thoughts

Remember that the difference between old school and modern, cutting-edge businesses is the ability to track, analyze and turn data into actionable strategies to engage customers. Customers are used to taking center stage. Your content and marketing should address every single customer in a personal way, giving them a powerful experience with your brand. You must be aware that the customer journey has changed. Your company must change accordingly.

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