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Starter Guide For Developing Mobile Applications

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Are you developing a mobile application for the first time? You probably have many questions: Is it worth doing it? Would it make sense? How will people find out about the app?

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by those who are developing a mobile app for the first time:

Starter Guide For Developing Mobile Applications

I have an idea for an application, but how do I start?

Start by defining your idea on paper as clearly as possible.  Use a tool off the internet for creating a prototype and create a detailed, step-by-step (screen-by-screen) prototype for your application. Once you are clear about your requirements, look for a company that can design and program mobile application.

Another possibility is through participation in start-up and mobile camps where you can find potential investors, experienced developers, and use mentors to master your idea.

I have many ideas for apps. Which one do I go with?

Do not limit yourself to one idea. Most successful entrepreneurs have built their businesses after many ideas. Applications are much more like creating songs. You never know which song you will achieve the most success with. Give some time to each application – from 4-6 months after release (launch) and if the customer base does not increase, advance to the next idea.

How to find out if customers like my app?

Start over in prototype. Do not wait to create a complete application with all the  features. Start with the basic version and evaluate whether the customer is ready to buy.

Should I build a mobile website or native application?

There are nearly one million applications available for iOS and Android, so you have to compete against the best to be noticed. Mobile websites do offer some experience, but do they add any value to the customer? Applications are for mobile, and web pages for a desktop computer. Do not mix these two.

Am I supposed to develop an application independently or hire someone to help?

Some of the most popular products today were developed with external assistance in their early (initial) stages, including Alibaba,, Digg, Skype, and so on. When creating the first sample of your product, keep costs low and try with outsourcing with someone that understands your requirements the best. The most important thing for you at this point is to make sure your product successfully arrives at the hands of the consumer. Once you see the real demand for your product and that it continues to grow, the development may be downloaded and maintained independently.

How to publish an app on the App Store and Android Market for mobile apps?

Create a developer account on Apple and Google and register on their website. You’ll currently pay an annual fee of $99 for Apple and $25 for Google. Your developers should do the actual process of uploading applications to these stores.

Should I offer my application as free, and then think of a method of earning?

There is a one-in-million chances that you could be the next Facebook or Twitter. The choice is yours. If you want to build a business, have a clear strategy for revenue from the very beginning.

I have made an application. Now what?

The products are not sold by themselves. Optimized app stores can help you to be found and discovered, but not enough for your database to grow and make your business sustainable. Find your application market and become visible.

How to find a market for my application?

The best form of publicity for your application, and for any business, is publicity by a third party. Reviews from tech bloggers, media coverage, and good impressions would be recommended ways. Also, be aware of reviews from users of your application and work hard to remove or correct negative criticisms.

Do I need to create cross-platform applications?

Cross-platform applications usually offer a rich user experience. This is why there are different programming languages for different platforms, which have their own software development projects. Such applications are usually full of bugs and errors and fail to offer a consistent experience across platforms. If you decide to go for cross-platform application, pay attention on other platforms.

I hope this guide for developing mobile applications make things clearer for you.  I’d welcome your comments below.

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