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In-Stadium WiFi: A Boon For The Sports Lovers

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I bet you cannot think of a single day without an internet connection. From checking out Facebook updates to gathering information about the entertainment industry, you need it around the clock. For business purposes too, all-time internet connectivity is a must.

How about staying connected with the world even while watching an exciting match of your favorite team? Here lies the importance of

From sharing a picture of the frenzied crowd on social media to communicating with your clients outside, possibilities are limitless. Do you also wish to avail of the in-stadium facilities, such as connecting to other fans, online apps showing food joints within the stadium? Wifi technology offers you it all at your fingertips. People have heard of in-flight wifi and in-stadium wifi is another feature to the industry’s crown.

Features of In-Stadium Wifi

It offers high capacity as well as full coverage throughout the stadium and supports a blend of fan access and back-office applications. This single connectivity platform includes innovative features to the diverse public. It offers a high-quality experience for the audience. This connected stadium Wi-Fi satisfies the increasing number of data-hungry subscribers and allows the players and stadium operators to get engaged with passionate and content-thirsty fans.

Connected Stadium Wifi: A Few Advantages

  1. Build connection with other sports fans – Want to get connected with other sports fans? Get connected instantly and ask them to like your updates or even follow you on Twitter. Ask them to share their experiences of game, videos, and other check-ins. Build rapport with them and spread your network far and wide.
  2. Enjoy multiple facilities – Sports fans enjoy access to a wide range of applications, such as fast data download, improved voice or text services, and so on.
  3. Better stadium experience – With improved capacity or coverage, clubs or leagues also have expanded promotional options to develop engaging mobile applications for better fan following. Fans will also enjoy multiple facilities that were not possible earlier. Imagine yourself ordering your favorite burger through your Smartphone and getting it right at your seat. You can also use the special app to enjoy instant replay of the match from diverse angles. The application even directs you to the closest washroom without delay. Recently Baylor University introduced Wifi network in their on-campus stadium and tailored mobile application for better experience of the fans. Many more stadiums are also planning to offer this type of facility for their audience.
  4. Get across the message of the sponsors – Are you missing out on the coupons offered by the sponsors? Are you not getting free gifts on time? This wifi solution allows the advertisers or sponsors to reach out to the audience and help them to get the things they desire. In other words, in-stadium wifi has enhanced the scope of advertisement beyond big screen displays on the concourse. Gone are the days when your  Smartphone froze just after half of the advertisement picture got downloaded. You can now download the advertisement in the wink of an eye.

With each passing day, the busy sports fans want their mobile experience to be the best, both during and after the event. It calls for increasing demand for the sports stadiums or venues to offer seamless as well as reliable internet connectivity to address their personal and also emerging business or workplace requirements. Earlier the wireless technologies were not optimized to suffice the requirements of the audience. Presently, in-stadium Wifi fills up the gap by offering seamless wireless internet connection for all their needs.

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