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How To Limit Screen Time on Android Devices?

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Kids love devices, and they can do anything to stay glued to their screens. It’s a fact. These handheld devices keep kids up to date about the latest trends – games, social media, and the newest gadgetry. They also have the tendency to get addicted to them. They lose track of time and miss their meals, study times and stay up late at night. All this can affect their health, academic performance, and mental well-being as well. 

The reasons to limit kids screen time are many but do you have any idea on how to limit their screen time? Or do you know how to limit screen time on Android devices? If not, read on. This article is written especially for you. 

One of the best ways to limit screen time on Android devices is using the parental apps that we have available. And among all the available option, one app that works best is FamilyTime. softwa

FamilyTime android parental control provides screen time limit feature through which you can stop the abuse of devices and curb the use of unsafe or addictive apps to ensure a better and healthy life for your kids. It has great compatibility with android and works well on all phones and tablets. With the FamilyTime app, parents can:

  • Manage screen time of kids by setting screen limits within the app using the FunTime feature of the app
  • Check all installed apps with their related details such as the app version being used and date of installation for the apps etc.
  • Check app usage frequency and see the time spent in each app
  • Block addictive apps and games to hinder the use
  • Help their kids handle their own allocated screen time wisely through FamilyTime TimeBank. With the TimeBank they stay updated about the time they have consumed and minutes left with them to enjoy screen time
  • Schedule auto screen locks on kids device to hinder the usage in the later or the odd hour
  • Put screen locks on their devices remotely from a distance whenever they find kids plugged in their devices! 

With all these features, you can surely limit screen time of your kids on Android devices. Do you wish to see how all these features work? Give the app a try for free. You can get the trial version of the app from the app store on your phone. 

After installing the FamilyTime app, sign-up and make your parent account, add your child and install the app on your kid’s device as well. After that, you have immediate access to your child’s device.

This is a fast and handy way to keep a check on what kind of apps they are using. Keep them away from potential mental and physical health issues by restricting the use. Use smart parenting solutions and be a smart parent!

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