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Six Advanced Features You Can Expect From iPhone 6

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A lot of news about iPhone 6 is doing the rounds on the internet these days. You can even see a lot of fake and morphed images – some showing ultra-sleek body, while some of them claiming a sapphire screen – but all that and more can be to put off the skeptics, who knows.

But still there are some decent websites, a lot of them, who have some information on the advanced features. And at last, we can be the better judge to decide what is false and what’s true, and how much indeed, until the truth reveals by itself.

So here are the highly expected advanced features of iPhone 6.

#1. iOS 7 software

The most promising of all. As we know Apple has completely changed the way its software works with iOS 7 we can expect all the latest upgrades to be inherited by iPhone 6. So all the features that you use today with your existing version of device, plus all this latest by then too, and tested to operate on heavy-duty machines, will be yours with the new iPhone.

#2. Design and build quality

Well Apple is known for experimenting with designs before actually implementing it too explicitly. As we have already seen it trying some colors with the iPhone 5c series we can see something quite similar but to a different level with iPhone 6. So, you can expect some color turnaround with the new make.

#3. Camera capability

There are speculations about the iPhone 6 camera which can be controlled by a ‘middle-mount open-loop voice coil motor’ for faster and more efficient focusing. It may however, still have the same configurations as iPhone 5s. Another report says that Apple has patented a lightfield camera that will allow users to refocus on their shots after they’ve been taken.

#4. Battery power

If reports are to be believed, iPhone 6 would have a bigger battery – both in terms of size and strength. The 4.7in version has a battery 1,800mAh and 1,900mAh, while the larger 5.5in version have a much bigger one 2,500mAh. Now, as we know the biggest power drain in a phone is its screen the larger body of iPhone 6 is going to have a bigger display therefore it should have a more enduring and capacitated battery.

#5. TouchID

The highly talked about Apple’s fingerprint sensor is all set to reappear in a grand style with iPhone 6. The top analysts from around the world strongly believe that this time it is going to get better exposure in terms of interactivity and application. With this upgrade it seems to serve a lot of new features across ranging trends and facilities.

#6. Reversible USB cable

It’s still not confirmed yet but industry insiders say that Apple has designed a cable that will work with USB ports that are being used already by us, without making us switch to an another new design. That means you can connect your device with an iMac or any other existing Apple design without any hassle at all.

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