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Tips on How to Stop Your Webcam from Being Hacked

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It’s not a secret that many people’s computers can be hacked by cybercriminals. Sometimes, they use malware to steal money. Ransomware is also a type of malware when a hacker compromises your privacy. Nowadays, many people feel worried about their privacy while they work online or just surfing the Internet. Ransomware sends messages that inform a user that his or her camera was hacked and hackers are taking pictures by the webcam. As usual, these messages report that you visited websites with porn and someone got a video using your camera.

In our article, we will tell everything about the hacked webcam. You will know the main signs and get effective hints on how to stop your webcam from being hacked by cybercriminals. We’re living in a century of modern technologies, and sometimes, it can be harmful to us because hackers never sleep. Do not worry, it’s possible to stop the webcam from being hacked. Just read our guide to protect your device.

Can Someone Hack My Webcam?

We have to say that yes, malware can get to any Mac device and turn on the iSight to make videos or take photos, plus record audio using a microphone. This information is sent to the Internet storage. Backdoor is a good example of a malware that steals information from computers including documents, images, videos, keystrokes, etc.

Some of Mac’s users think their computers cannot be hacked but this is not true. Hackers develop their skills constantly, and Mac devices have become their favorite target lately. That’s why it’s so important to know how to protect your device from malware.

How Is It Possible to Stop My Camera From Being Hacked?

If you are worried that your Mac’s webcam can be hacked, use special webcam covers. We know that many people who work on the Internet and look for security, cover their webcams “just in case” when they do not use them. Even Dick Comey (it’s a former FBI director) and Mark Zuckerberg (probably, everyone knows the Facebook founder) are keeping their webcams covered when they do not use it.

You can also protect the webcam from hackers. It’s simple just to put tape over it or buy special covers that can be closed and opened. In this way, nobody can get access to take a picture or a video using your camera. Of course, you may say that if a camera works, the green light is working. But remember that a hacker can disable this light or you can not see it at all, especially if someone just took a couple of pictures without recording long videos.

What’s the Blackmail Scam and How Does it Work?

When a user gets a message about his or her webcam being hacked, it’s a scam. For example, if someone gets a message about visiting a porn website, they start to worry even if they have never visited these sites. And for those who are visiting such websites, their fears become real. Needless to say, these scam messages are made to get money from scared people because fear is a powerful force hackers use every day.

This sort of scam starts to send spam emails to people. When a person opens this email, he or she is getting informed that a computer virus was downloaded on their device when they visited a porn website. This virus has taken video using the webcam, and people are threatening to send this video to others if a user does not pay a certain sum. Hackers are smart enough, and they usually harvest these emails from data breaches to steal passwords from users. They demonstrate hacker passwords in the emails to show the user they already get some personal details. Needless to say, people start to worry about their privacy and believe that scammers really have all those videos and images taken by the webcam. It’s a sort of tricky and nasty idea to steal money from people.

What to Do if I Received Blackmail On My Mac?

Please feel free to follow the next steps:

1. Just remove the blackmail. Do not pay anything and do not click any suspicious links in this message. This email is made to blackmail those people who got used to visiting porn websites, but even if you’ve visited some of these websites, delete this email anyway.

2. If your online password is displayed in this email, please spend some time to change the password on every website. Please make sure to use a unique combination of numbers and letters for every account. A password should be difficult to guess (you may use a good password manager). Never write your password down!

3. Scan the Mac for malware with an antivirus tool. Most programs require payment, but you can download a trial version to try it for free for a certain period. Antivirus software uses an updated base of malware to compare all the files and apps to it. If it finds something suspicious on the device, it’s possible to delete it easily with one click.

4. Forget about the blackmail. If you’ve done the previous steps correctly, just forget about it. Download a reliable antivirus tool and scan your Mac regularly to avoid these problems.

Protect your camera from hackers and work online safely with our simple tips. Do not forget about antivirus software and check your Mac regularly for malware and other viruses.

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