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Top Trending Cybersecurity Issues Now

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Cybersecurity plays a crucial role in securing our Privacy, Rights, Data, Freedom, and also our physical safety. In the current digital scenario, every organization is building multiple online platforms and expanding its services digitally. With the increase of digital products, cyber-attacks are also becoming more frequent.  Cyber attackers are stealing personal information, financial information, and health and using it to gain financial benefits or harm people. Thus the importance of cybersecurity is a major topic of concern for both the technology industry and the general public. Most of the organizations are now aware of cyber attacks and take preemptive measures to protect the data. When they are building the applications, they try to implement security measures like firewalls, encryption and SSL and others. These standard security measures are still not enough since hackers are becoming smarter. We have to be aware of the latest cybersecurity issues so that we can protect ourselves, here is a list of latest cybersecurity issues:

Lack of Cybersecurity Experts

As cybersecurity becomes the most concern issue in the present digital world for every organization, either private or government sectors, the demand for cybersecurity professionals increases but has a lack of supply. Many organizations have reported the lack of IT staff even though the staff has to face more problems than ever. Due to this, automated security tools are playing an essential part in maintaining proper security. With the help of these tools, small staff can efficiently manage the security of websites and web applications that also solve the problem of hiring more technology experts.

The Cloud Threat

Most of the businesses are rapidly moving their business process, infrastructure, and data to the cloud to save money and headache. However,  is data on cloud secure or not? That is the first question that arises in the mind of every business organization. Since you put your data on the cloud, you become more susceptible to hackers, since they are targeting cloud systems. To protect the information and infrastructure on the cloud,  business requires more advanced security. All cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, and others have inbuilt security tools to protect your data.  If you fail to pay attention to the right tools to secure your data on the cloud,  you are taking a significant risk on your application, data, and company.

IoT Device Major Cybersecurity Risks

The IoT device market has grown rapidly for businesses and consumers. Most of the sensors in our houses and business-like alarm systems, thermostats, cameras, and other devices are connected to wifi. It is convenient to control and manage IoT devices, however, on the other hand, we have a considerable risk of cybersecurity with these devices. Some IoT devices can be used for Cyberattacks because they provide access to communication and data, from where it becomes easy for hackers to steal valuable data. When you implement any new device in your house or office space, you should review if they have any unencrypted personal data, insecure wireless communication, unverified firmware updates, vulnerable web interface, and many more. 

Phishing Threats

The phishing attack is the most common process of stealing personal as well as professional data. Some of the most prevalent threats are credentials thefts, identity thefts, cryptojacking, distributing malware, and others. The consumer has to be aware of these techniques so that you can avoid clicking on these emails and links. The business should provide education to their employees on how to identify phishing threats and prevent them. Companies can also install software to identify phishing threats. 

Data Breaching

Personal data has become the most valuable thing to sell in the black market these days and data breaching is a huge concern. You should be careful of the sites where you enter your data, and you should ensure the genuineness of the website where you are putting those details. Any company building web applications should be providing a high level of security whenever collecting personal data. They should implement TDES encryption to secure sensitive data. 

Impact of AI on Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence technology is now the most popular technology that nobody can ignore. Implementation of AI in the business process helps to increase productivity and to maintain a better customer experience. However, it also makes you vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. AI functions like face recognition; natural language processing can also be misused by hackers to access your data and applications. So the organization should be cautious while implementing AI in its product. They must be used with proper malware or security layers to prevent devices from cybercriminals.


These six issues of cybersecurity that are more often repeated by the experts. The problems, such as lack of cybersecurity experts, the cloud treat, IoT device major treat, phishing treat, Data breaching, Impact of AI. These issues are not new. This shows that cybersecurity isn’t easy or simple. If we have not timely solved these issues, then they’ll continue smoothly change someone’s needs.

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