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What Is an Antidetect Browser and Why Is It Better Than Proxy?

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If you think that anonymity on the Web is a must-have thing only for malefactors, you’re deeply wrong. When you hide something, it doesn’t always mean you hide something bad. First of all, we speak about your personal data’s security and protection since, nowadays, literally all information about our everyday lives can be sold and bought for further benefit searching.

To ensure the confidentiality of your personal data and weaken control over your actions on the Internet, experts recommend you consider countering the identification of your computer on the network.

Indeed, the degree of anonymity is your personal choice. But even the simplest tools can save you from that unpleasant feeling that someone may spy on you. In this article, we’d like to consider one of the most popular ways to reach anonymity – Antidetect browsers. Stay with us to learn their main features and advantages over other methods like proxies.

What Is an Antidetect Browser?

So, as we said, everyone needs complete or partial confidentiality on the Web from time to time. Antidetect browsers are the first tools we can think of in this respect.

Antidetect browsers are very similar to our familiar Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and the like. In fact, they are analogs of regular browsers but with the guarantee of anonymity. These programs change and thus hide your browser fingerprints, spoof data, and leave a minimum of traces on the Web.

With their help, users can run multiple advertising or social accounts simultaneously where it’s prohibited.

Antidetect browsers contribute not only to everyday web surfing but can be very useful for professional webmasters who need anonymity for work. Thus, even paid resources fully justify the investment, helping save on possible cyberattacks or earn much more in return.

What is a Proxy?

While Antidetect browsers are relatively new tools for most inexperienced users, proxies entered our life long ago. That’s why many prefer this method of web protection.

Proxy servers or just proxies are programs that act as a virtual intermediary between your surfing requests and the requested site. Using a proxy, you can get access to websites or resources prohibited by the company’s privacy policy or inaccessible to residents of a particular country.

In a word, the proxy also provides certain anonymity on the Internet and benefit in routine and professional tasks.

Antidetect Browser vs Proxy: Advantages

In this part, we’d like to explain why Antidetect browsers seem more useful and convenient products than proxy servers.

First of all, simplicity of installation and usage are the main advantage of Antidetect browsers. Even people who often face difficulties with modern tech tips can easily cope with browsers thanks to a familiar structure. This will be especially important for seniors and web beginners. Proxy is a much more time and effort consuming tool.

Consequently, browsers usually feature more convenient customization and setting tools. Almost any Antidetect browser offers an intuitive interface. Thus, you can adjust all settings in several clicks without the need to understand the most profound principles of their operation. Typically, proxies require manual configuration for each application, while some apps may not even support this proxy server.

Proxy operates on the principle of redirection of your requests. Some programs can also hide info, but such a function will cost more. Anyway, few products provide a proper level of encrypting. Antidetect browsers hide all your data and change or mitigate fingerprints.

The cache memory of proxy servers may store lots of confidential information such as users’ names and passwords. Antidetect browser cache is more challenging for stealing as the tool isolates each file individually. They don’t leak or share with each other.

Antidetect browsers provide the opportunity for teamwork. This is especially important for corporate users in marketing, social media, development spheres. With a browser, you can set tasks, share account data and corporate business information safely. Proxies are individual tools, which is a nice decision for independent freelancers but not for team co-working.

Antidetect browsers are pricey, that’s true. An average cost varies from $100 to $300 per month if we’re speaking about solo use. There are many other tariff options, for example, for teams or more complex tasks (then choose pro or premium plans). Thus, the price may reach $1500-$3000+ per year. In this regard, proxies are more affordable, with their prices starting from $5 per month. But many trusted Antidetect browsers offer their own free proxies. Thus, you pay once for at least two tools and get a dual benefit.

Best Antidetect Browsers

There are enough products on the market that promise complete privacy on the Web. Here are our top five trusted Antidetect browsers both for private and professional use:

AntBrowser – a reputable Antidetect product based on Mozilla Firefox. An optimal choice for people who work with multiple accounts.

Linken Sphere – another unit for multiple accounts but based on Chromium. We note simple navigation and customization as well as a wide set of tools for professional tasks.

Multilogin – this Antidetect browser allows you to work both on Chrome and Firefox thanks to its two Mimic and Stealthfox browsers. By the way, the price will pleasantly surprise you.

GoLogin – welcome a young, fast-developing product that offers lower prices (compared to its elder brothers) for the same wide functionality. GoLogin also operates on the basis of its own anonymous browser called Orbita. This is a Chromium platform with a simple interface familiar to Chrome.

Ghost Browser – a Chromium-driven Antidetect browser specially designed for SMM specialists, testers, developers, designers, and arbitrageurs. Ghost is one of the most affordable products on the market.


Now when you know what Antidetect browsers are, you realize that your web security is not such a puzzle. Above, we’ve discussed the pros only that prove that Antidetect browsers may turn out even more useful for certain tasks than other anonymity tools.

However, here we may face both advantages and disadvantages as with any type of product or service. And the critical point is to do thorough research and get the most suitable browser for your needs. Pick up the best Antidetect browser and enjoy calm web life with no threats!

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