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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website

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To capacitate your web pages to look good and load faster on all types of devices, you need to have a responsive website design. This responsive method is a new-age technological phenomenon that aims at coding a website which gives an optimal viewing, navigational and reading experience with the least possible resizing, panning and scrolling across different devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

In the article ahead, we would discuss some pointers why your business needs a responsive website design-

1- Usage of mobile devices is increasing


This may come to you as a surprise that a large number of small and mid-size businesses don’t have mobile friendly websites. Hopefully, having a look at the statistics below from Smart Insights will help you comprehending and realizing the need for a mobile friendly (Responsive) business website-

More than 30% of total searches from Google are being conducted from mobile phone devices.

In the United States of America, Germany, Italy, Seychelles, and India, around 36% internet users make use of their mobile device to reach the World Wide Web.

65% of internet users community provide a better viewpoint of brands, companies, products and different services when they are offered an amazing mobile experience.

95% of electronic mails are sent and received through smart phones and 15.19% are accessed through the use of tablets.

2- Great user experience is a must, all the way


As per Google’s Think Insights about Smartphones and Tablets, if any visitor arrives on your webpage making use of his/her mobile device and doesn’t get what he/she is looking for, this type of complexity or technical drawback of your website will frustrate that user for sure.

As a result, there is a 71% strong possibility the user will leave your website without delay. On the other hand, if the users are able to easily find what they are searching on your website, there is a 59% strong possibility they will show interest in your products and services.

3- Social media and blogs inspire mobile use:


According to the latest research, more than 60% of social media surveys now take place on wireless devices like mobiles & tablets. If you are making use of these new-age methodologies to drive enhanced traffic to your website, then make sure that the website is equipped with responsive properties and works finely on all platforms such as smartphones and tablets.

In the absence of responsive properties, your visitors and potential buyers are likely to get disappointed and chances are they may visit the site of one of your closest competitors.

4- Websites which are not responsive can have a bad reputation



In another recently accomplished study, it has also been noted that around 50% customers show their utter frustration after landing on the websites which are not tablet and mobile- friendly. That same large percentage clearly indicates that if a website doesn’t work finely on smart devices and tablets, the visitors feel like the organization doesn’t take proper care about their venture.

Additionally, more than 40% visitors feel their valuable time is wasted, and around 50% give a clear indication that an inferior online experience makes them less appropriate and suitable to take up any business with a company.

5- Responsive websites load faster

There is a proverb that says – slow and steady wins the race. But, unfortunately, in the contemporary hi-tech web world, a slow and steady approach will bring complete destruction to you. Internet users, generally those on smartphone devices and tablets love to get information in the quickest possible manner.

Responsive websites always load much faster than the website built for the desktop. The longer your visitors have to wait to access your webpage, the stronger the possibility of their attention diversion from your site. Therefore, here at this juncture also, it is quite imperative for your website to be responsive.

6- Responsive website helps you stay engaged even with offline customers


One of the salient advantages of a responsive website for your business lies in your capability to stay in touch with your potential visitors even when they are offline. With the help of responsive websites, the visitors can very easily get access to the content even when they are offline.

All this is possible through an advanced technique which is powered by HTML5. As a result, the visitors can very easily subscribe to your newsletters, go through content, check images of your products and also the array of services offered by you.

7- Responsive websites convert visitors into customers


According to some pieces of factual information that have come out in recent research conducted by Google, a whopping 72% customers are of the view that they would definitely like to return to the website which offers excellent mobile-friendly experience.

Not only this much, they would like to recommend this type of websites to their friends and colleagues also. This way, it is almost confirmed that a website which is responsive offers a stronger opportunity to convert common visitors into potential customers.

The end note

On the whole, as concluding remarks, it can be said that no business owner in contemporary times can imagine a flourishing business without having a responsive website. Today, we are living in the world of fully wireless technology, and the use of it is growing by leaps and bounds across the globe.

It is necessary for each and every business owner to realize the fact that the future belongs to mobile technology, and therefore, they have to be techno-ready to meet all the challenges coming their way.

Around 10 years ago, nobody imagined that mobile would play such a crucial role in the times to come. So, from the very beginning, you must be highly particular about the responsive aspects of your business website.

You should get it done by the company which has a very good repute in the market, backed by proven experience and exemplary expertise.

Gathering a little bit knowledge about the phenomenon of responsiveness of a website is highly recommendable for you before you join hands with a professional web design and development company to accomplish your project.

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