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Remote DBA Experts: Read About CSS Hero Plugin If You Have A WordPress Website

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WordPress is a well known Content Management System (CMS). It is used to construct websites and web portals. It offers the web designer complete creative freedom. This means that they can customize the look of a WordPress website at will. One of the tools that they can use to accomplish this is CSS Hero.

What is CSS Hero?

This is a WordPress plugin that is used to customize WordPress websites. The plugin has an interface that allows for simple pointing and clicking. Therefore, it is easy to use. Some WordPress themes are Hero Ready. This means that they come ready to customize with this plugin. Others are not ready-made for CSS Hero. For these, you can still use this plugin to customize them through Rocket Mode. The CSS Hero plugin has a number of outstanding characteristics that are admired by remote DBA experts. Read on to discover them.

Characteristics of this plugin

The CSS Hero plugin has characteristics that make it efficient for editing your website. They include:

  1. The ability to customize fonts
  2. A color picker
  3. Dimension calibrator
  4. Special graphics
  5. Minified CSS that is ready to export
  6. Buttons to undo or redo your activities
  7. Ready to use styles
  8. Skins for your WordPress themes

Features to customize your fonts

The CSS Hero plugin allows you to adjust the size of text in your WordPress site. You can also add effects to the text using this plugin. Examples of styles that you can add include the strike-through and 3D shadows. The plugin allows you to perform these adjustments without writing any CSS code. It is simply a point and pick endeavor.

A color picker to customize your themes

This plugin allows you to control the background color and texture of the elements in your WordPress website. By using a slider and your mouse pointer, you can determine the size, padding area and border size of elements in your site. While using this feature, remember that the margin of the elements is not included in the background.

The dimension calibrator

This is a feature of the CSS Hero plugin that allows you to determine the characteristics of the elements in your WordPress website. Examples of characteristics that you can edit using this plugin include the padding area and the dimensions of the dialog boxes. This is achieved using the Size tab in the plugin. This feature is especially important in creating websites that are active and responsive on mobile devices.

Special graphics

This plugin is capable of helping you to create special graphics  on your WordPress website. Examples of these are hovering text, image transitions and shadows. These are especially important in websites for entertainment or gaming purposes. These effects can be used to capture brand animations and even game sequences.

Minified CSS that is ready to export

This plugin creates minified CSS. It is released ready for you to export to any other platform if need be. As such, it is not locked in. The code is crystal clear and easy for you to read and understand. This feature of CSS Hero is especially important in collaborative website building efforts.

There are buttons to undo or redo your activities

During the process of website construction, it is important to keep track of the edits that you make to your pages. This plugin saves your steps in a history tab. In addition to that, it allows you to step back and forth with ‘undo’ and ‘re-do’ buttons.

Ready to use styles

There are ready-made styles for you in this plugin. They are made for you to use on the fly. If you want to make some changes to these styles, the CSS Hero plugin allows you to change them as you see fit. These styles are designed such that website designers can inject their creativity into their projects.

Skins for your WordPress themes

Sometimes you may want to perform a change that spans your entire website. This plugin has a feature that allows you to swap out the skin of your webpages in one click. By using this feature, you can adjust the font and colors in your entire website in one move. This increases your efficiency during the process of web design.

Other features of the CSS Hero plugin

When using this plugin, you only have to hover your mouse on an element that you want to edit. This will select it and allow you to change it according to your desire. The CSS Hero plugin makes it so that you don’t have to do any extra coding. It is designed such that you only need the graphical user interface and your mouse to conduct any changes you want.

A very helpful feature of this plugin is that you can see previews of how your WordPress website will appear in various devices. It avails you with a window that has all the popular devices such as the Android and IOS smart devices. Once you perform an edit on your website, you can see how it will look at any one of these devices. After viewing what it will look like,  you can perform further edits so that it is perfect. This feature allows you to make live changes. This means that your website is updated the moment you publish the changes that you made with the CSS Hero plugin.

Many website designers get so frustrated when they are designing the pages of their sites. This is because they do not find the colors that they desire in the available color palette. This plugin makes it easy for you to find the colors that you want. CSS Hero comes with many new colors. It can also store your favorite colors for you to access quicker in your development process.

Another feature that helps to find the ideal colors is the cross-app picker. This feature allows you to pick colors for your website from other applications such as Photoshop or Fireworks. It can even pick a color directly from your desktop for you to apply on your WordPress website.


The CSS Hero plugin is helpful in customizing your WordPress website. The features mentioned above make it easier for you to develop it according to the exact specifications that you desire. If you have a WordPress website, this plugin is a necessary tool to have.

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