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Qualcomm’s New Technology: A Step towards High-speed Free WiFi?

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The advancements in the field of technology have helped to streamline everyday procedures on a regular basis. The internet itself has been a great addition to the human civilization. With it, people can access almost everything with ease. In fact, in a large number of places, free wifi has been rolled out. You can go there and access the internet free of cost. All you need is a wifi-friendly device, through which you can use the internet.

Solving the Low-speed Problem of Free Wifi

The problem with free internet, however, was the low speed. It would take a long time to open different pages on the web. Hence, it would have been difficult for you to access the internet when you were in a hurry. This problem, however, is on the verge of being solved.

Qualcomm is expected to bring in a solution for it by introducing its new technology. This is likely to increase the popularity of free wifi among the users, as it will play a major role in helping to solve a number of issues, which existed with free wifi. The new technology, known as multi user, multi input, multi output (MU-MIMO) is expected to open new horizons in the field of wifi usage. Qualcomm’s announcement to introduce a technology in the field of telecommunication that can ‘talk to multiple computers at the same time’ is expected to be a step forward towards an excellently connected world.

Making Ways to Send Wifi Data to Multiple Groups

The wifi connections, in most cases, are able to transmit data to single group of clients. Thus, no large number of people is able to connect to the internet through a single connection. Moreover, the speed of the internet is also not good enough in the case of free wifi connections. Qualcomm brings in the best way that has been introduced so far to fight the problem of slow internet through wifi connections. The company said that this new introduction is a result of over seven years of research, which is sure to make the process of internet usage through wifi more hassle free.

Increasing Wifi Speed as Much as Three Times

The primary idea behind the usage of MU-MIMO is to increase the speed of wifi as much as three times. The technology does not plan to do this by using the wifi route. Instead, the plan is to group up with as many users as possible. This ensures that all the lanes for data travel are properly de-congested. Thus, the data get enough opportunity to travel fast, making free wifi the perfectly designed instrument to access the internet. However, this cannot be utilized until and unless the wifi is made to provide the users with high-speed internet.

Waiting for Qualcomm to Roll It Out

The form of internet is going to take shape after a few months, once Qualcomm rolls out its latest technology. The company confirms that it is necessary to enable the devices on both sides of the wifi connection. Hence, it will not be possible to introduce this technology with the infrastructure, which is already in place. A few additions need to be done. This is why Qualcomm has already started to build a complete ecosystem, which has different types of networking products, such as computers, smartphones, consumer electronics, tablets, and so on. This will help the company to ensure that it is able to extract maximum speed from the network.

Streamlining Wifi Usage Everywhere

Be it the coffee shop a few blocks away or the mall in the heart of the city, everywhere you can access free wifi. The experience, however, is not up to the mark t0-date. The update by Qualcomm is expected to change this significantly in the years to come. The company has already planned to demonstrate the technology to different consumers within a short time. With time, it is also going to bring the finished product on a commercial basis for the users. The primary objective of this step is to create more bandwidth for the increasing number of internet users across the globe, thus making the process of internet usage a better experience.

This step towards a faster free wifi is going to enhance user experience and, at the same time, help to increase productivity of the people working with the help of wifi in case of usage in a commercial manner in some organization.

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