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Promote Your Business With Facebook Wi-Fi

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Is your favorite coffee hub still lacking a steady Wi-Fi connection? If so then Facebook won’t disappoint with its recent project that gets the internet up and running for you. Recently, Facebook tied its partnership with Netgear that encourages small businesses to offer free Wi-Fi at their business place. However, the customers can access the free Wi-Fi in exchange for checking in to a business page.


How Facebook Wi-Fi will prove beneficial for your small business?

Once the Wi-Fi is enabled on the router, customers accessing the free Wi-Fi service are automatically taken to your business’s Facebook page. After they check-in to the business page, they will have access to the internet network. They are then given the option to LIKE the business page if they wish to browse the internet for free. The page will allow them to see the latest activities and announcements of your business.

Connect with your customers

This is an excellent opportunity to develop your business Facebook page. And it also helps to connect with your customers who have already visited your store, interacted with your staff or probably made a purchase. Additionally there is a possibility that with Facebook Wi-Fi, others can also find your business page because each time someone from your store checks-in, it will show up in their friends’ news feeds.

This ultimately brings in more fans for your business page and more customers to your business over time. Depending on the number of fans you have along with their number of friends, your business content can attain extensive viral syndication.

How does Facebook Wi-Fi work?

As the customers connect to your Wi-Fi network, they are forwarded to your splash page. There is no need to set up a password to direct your customers. This saves valuable time. The LIKE mechanism is completely automatic and is also optimized for each new mobile device. Any business, be it big or small, can use Facebook Wi-Fi. All they need is a router to support Facebook Wi-Fi and a valid local business page on Facebook.

Analytics – The Facebook page has analytics components called insights to provide detailed information on fan activities and demographic information including geographic location, age and gender. This information is crucial for market research purpose.

Limit bandwith – Each Wi-Fi user enjoys limited bandwidth. This is how the business can prevent overloaded Wi-Fi by one massive download. The page also allows you to check the faces and names of the users and accordingly blacklist any users at any point in time.

Privacy – It may happen that some users do not wish to publicize their location as that can be a threat to their personal security. However, with Facebook Wi-Fi, the users can edit their location and privacy of the post and make it visible to “ONLY ME”.

Marketing advantages

The service offers a competitive advantage. As the word SALE is much appreciated so is the word FREE. So offering free Wi-Fi can be the best deciding factor in choosing one company over another. This is because each one of us loves complementary extras. As you offer more incentives and beneficial services, you build customer loyalty. With WiFi availability, customers stay in your store for longer which is quite a positive sign for your business.

A Facebook Wi-Fi page is one of the best avenues for marketing. When people connect to your Wi-Fi network, you can utilize the guest’s networks to promote your products and services as well as special promotions. Also it is easy to promote short-term advertisements to increase sales in low periods or you can offer incentives over your competitors.

Businesses offering free Wi-Fi provide valuable customer information. The Wi-Fi can track customer’s behaviour online and also prepare more targeted strategies and incentives to increase sales.

As a business offers something which is important in a customer’s life, they are actually showing how valuable their clients are for them.

Are you using Facebook Wi-Fi?

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