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Practical Ways CRM Software Can Help Small Businesses

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You would think customer relations is the only place left in business where computers can’t help. We think of customer relationships as being about building trust, affinity and understanding. Surely no computer can handle these tasks.

For these aspects of customer relations you would be right (

More Efficient Use of Resources

The businesses that are ultimately successful are those that use their limited resources strategically and intelligently. This requires access to relevant data which CRM software supplies.

Sales can be a particularly ambiguous area of business even at the best of times. The ability to analyse sales rep performance means those sales staff can be deployed as strategically and intelligently as possible.

Where staff have particular shortcomings they can be given appropriate training or mentoring. Performance analysis might also reveal a rep has a particularly good conversion rate with a specific type of customer, perhaps because they are better at explaining technical details. With this information sales staff can be deployed strategically to provide optimal conversion rates.

Comprehensive Customer Relationship Overview

A single, central database of a company’s customer relations information results in a number of improvements and efficiencies. With all of this information in one place it can be accessed, categorized and organised more easily and effectively.

With the appropriate software this data can also be analysed in detail, allowing for forecasting and reporting. Quality CRM software will also incorporate campaign sequence management to track interactions and progress with potential customers.

With this information to hand staff can provide a superior customer sales service while the software highlights opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling. Again, analytics applied to this data provides for more effective sales targeting by highlighting information such as particular buying habits of customers.

Overall this not only leads to improved decision making but also to improved customer relations. Recording significant dates such as birthdays means CRM software can remind sales staff to send an appropriate message that will sustain and build that relationship. This has numerous benefits including greater customer loyalty.

Key Features to Look for in CRM Software

If you decide that Customer Relations Management Software is right for your business there are some key features you should keep in mind when selecting your provider.

  1. Scalability – CRM software with modularity and scalability allows you to adopt the features your business needs when those needs arise and enables you to adapt to a changing business environment.
  2. Mobility – The modern workplace is increasingly dynamic. Software that can run on and is accessible from mobile devices provides flexibility and responsiveness. Your CRM software should allow you to take advantage of the possibilities of mobile technology.
  3. Integration – Consider your current customer relations management system. It is likely comprised of many Excel spreadsheets and outlook messages. Make sure that the CRM software you implement can easily import data from Excel and Outlook.

If you use CRM software and have any info to share please do so in the comments below.

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