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How to Upgrade to a POS for Pizza Restaurants

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No one will ever turn down a slice of pizza, regardless of where you are in the world. Pizza is a such a universal meal, and the demand for it keeps on going up. In 2017 alone, the pizza industry in North America earned over $50 billion, and analysts predict that it’s going to increase at least 20% in 2018.

So, it’s no shock that pizza restaurants constantly have customers at every hour of the day. How does one set themselves apart from the competition when everyone is asking for the same thing? The only way to do that is to make a delicious pizza, and effortlessly handle the checkout process.

Customers will always come back to order more pizza if they can order one without running into any problems.  

Benefits for Using a POS for Pizza Restaurant

The variety of POS systems available tend to work for either a pizza restaurant or a cafe. Small business owners recommended staying away from POS systems that aren’t made specifically for pizza restaurants. This is because those systems won’t come with particular pizza related functions, which defeats the purpose of incorporating such a system to your restaurant.

A pizza business that is generating a lot of money needs a POS that can cater to the demands on operating such a restaurant.


A customizable POS for pizza restaurant is a must since, with a pizza order, there are hundreds of combinations to choose from. Customers come up with the strangest pizza topping combinations. In order to have a thriving business, you have to let the customer feel as if they have total control over the pizza making process.

Sometimes customers have a hard time figuring out exactly which pizza toppings they want. This is when the pre-customized menu comes into play, which is possible with a POS for a pizza restaurant.

Fast Service

With a POS system, you can handle both takeout and eat-in orders effortlessly without having to slow down service. Small pizza restaurants are in constant competition with pizza franchises, and one way to stay ahead of the game is to make use of the same technology, which means incorporating a POS system.

This system allows small business owners to have promotions and form a loyalty club, so your customers can earn rewards by coming back to order pizza from your restaurant.

In regards to deliveries, the POS system will keep track of all the addresses, so you can figure out which neighborhood prefers your pizza to others. You can also set a delivery perimeter, so a customer will know beforehand whether or not they can order from your restaurant.

If you don’t want to deal with customers over the phone, you can combine your POS system and website, so online ordering is a possibility.

When you remove the middleman delivery company, you increase your pizza sales while making a profit because a chunk of your order isn’t going to a third party.


The best thing you could do for your pizza restaurant is to set up a POS system tailored for a pizza business. The benefits we went into detail above are just a fraction of what advantages a POS system has to offer.



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