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Pay Phone Booths Turned Into Free WiFi Hotspots

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Imagine yourself in the middle of the road in New York City, far from your home, and in trouble. It is urgent for you to call your home. Of course this is not any problem these days. All you need to do is take out your cell phone and dial your home. But think what would have happened if you would have faced a similar situation about a couple of decades back. The only way to get out of trouble could be to call your home from one of the many public telephones in the city.

There were quite a few telephone booths across New York City and any one of them could have acted as your savior. However, the situation has changed with the passage of time and the introduction of the cell phone has diminished the importance of these phone booths.

Easy Way to Remain Connected Always

Many of the erstwhile busy phone booths of New York City now stand desolate. The Government, however, has other plans with these booths. Almost all these phone booths remain unused these days. The Honorable Mayor of New York City, Mr Bill de Blasio plans to morph the pay phone booths into wifi hotspots. This can be an enchanting way to reutilize the phone booths, which are now completely forsaken. Moreover, this will offer the access to internet to the travelers, thus ensuring that they always remain connected, no matter where they are.

Turning Pay Phone Booths into Hotspots

The plan to roll out wifi in New York City, which could be accessed free of cost, was planned quite a few years ago. It was the initiative of New York City’s erstwhile Mayor Mr Michael Bloomberg to introduce free wifi in the city. However, the wifi connection, at that time, had a fairly limited reach. Mr Bill de Blasio’s plan, however, aims to extend wifi significantly. And the plan is surely a good way forward to make use of the pay phone booths, which are almost of no importance these days.

From some of the most useful spots of the city a few decades back to being almost their relics, these pay phone booths have had a bizarre journey. The request for proposal has been issued to turn the pay phone booths into wifi hotspots.

A Great Way to Use Unused Phone Booths

Even a couple of years back, the city authorities were striving hard to find a way to make use of the pay phone booths. Those booths stood unused and yet, occupied a lot of space. Most of them were not in a position to function properly. However, there was no way these booths could be used. That is, until Mr Bill de Blasio came up with the plan to turn them into wifi hotspots. This meant that it will become much easier for the citizens to access the internet.

New York City’s Mayor aims to create the country’s largest free public wifi network. It is surely going to be one of the best ways to use these deserted pay phone booths.

About 7,000 Wifi Hotspots to Streamline Internet Usage

With every passing day, the importance of the internet is rising significantly. Hence, there is an urgent need to improve the quality of internet access of the citizens of New York City as well. The introduction of free wifi can be a great step forward for it. It is also likely to play an important part in enhancing the technological infrastructure of New York City. The number of free wifi hotspots in the city is expected to be around 7,000 – good enough to allow excellent wifi usage for the citizens. It will also be a great way to help the visitors to the city to use wifi free of cost.

With every passing day, the concept of communication is fast evolving. It is going beyond the telephones and cell phones. The internet is becoming the most important component of communication. It is also playing a major role in helping to enhance the quality of life of people. This is driving the authorities of New York City to create an infrastructure to streamline the process of internet access through wifi connection. It will ensure internet connection for people at all corners of the city.

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