Tech changes at the speed of light – literally. You need to keep your finger on the pulse of how technology is changing the lives of your customers and your team members. Great tech can help you meet customers where they are in the sales cycle and empower your organization to outmaneuver the competition. Don’t be intimidated by tech. These articles will help you wrap your head around trending business technology, once read at a time.


Developing Mobile Apps for VR Devices

If you are the one owning any link with the 70s era, you might be remembering the dawn of home video gaming consoles with the release of Atari VCS. For those of you who don’t know, VCs is an abbreviation for Videos Computer System. Though the gaming console then released is nowhere in front of […]
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4 Online Solutions for a Trouble-Free Life in UAE

Summer is ready to show its wrath. The extremely hot weather in the UAE brings many challenges to its residents. Going out for a task seems like a walk in hell. The temperature can hit as high as 60 degrees and it makes impossible to do all the stuff with job and house chores. Cometh […]
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Where to Look for Non Expensive Wedding Dresses

Wedding preparations take a lot of time and effort.  They also tend to be costly because there’s a lot of things you have to spend on.  You need to pay for the food, entertainment, décor, and venue. One of the most expensive things you have to spend is the wedding gown.  There are a lot […]
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Is Buying Social Media Views Worthwhile and Safe?

There are two very specific schools of thought on the subject of buying social media views.  At one end of the scale, you have those who argue in favor of buying social signals.  Advocates insisting that to buy social media views is to use a fair, effective and affordable strategy to gain a competitive edge. […]
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The Benefit of Using the Agile Approach in IT and Big Data Projects

IT and Big Data projects can be complex and are often ambiguous by nature. In the case of Big Data projects, hypotheses about the information contained within the data are either proved or rejected, with new hypotheses subsequently arising. Similarly, assumptions regarding project requirements are often built into IT projects and stacked on top of […]
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Financial Planning

Challenges of Bitcoin – What Experts Have to Say

Unlike popular belief, blockchain technology goes beyond bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It integrates coding, mathematics, science, and cryptography to develop technology products that create wonders in different fields of life. ‘The blockchain cannot be described just as a revolution. It is a tsunami-like phenomenon, slowly advancing and gradually enveloping everything along its way by the force […]
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Significance of Amazon Lightsail

The significance of Amazon Lightsail   Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) is a cloud computing platform which runs on a paid subscription basis for companies, individuals, and other entities for computing, storage, application deployment, analytics, and many more services.   Amazon Lightsail is a cloud service offered by AWS  for storing vast amounts of […]
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Apps: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It seems that more and more apps are being created for our phones and tablet devices, yet surely, they can’t all be useful and they can’t all be terrible and pointless. Exploring the ups and downs, pros and cons, and even the often weirdness of apps and what they are all about – is not […]
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Does Enterprise Mobile Messenger Replaces Email?

Enterprise mobile messenger will become a typical way for the workforce to communicate over years, yet what choices do the businesses have? Is enterprise messenger the next big thing in the business world? Alongside the multiplication of enterprise chat applications, the answer could be yes. By next year, it is estimated that about 4.3 billion […]
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