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Monochromatic Design Making an Impact in 2015

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Monochromatic design is a visually interesting design style that still allows room for a vast amount of content in a simple looking format. Concepts such as monochromatic design seem to be gaining extra attention in 2015 as they allow users to easily digest content in an unassuming but attractive style.

Monochromatic design basically entails website design that is done with shades and tints of one color. You will only need to pick a single color as a base, after which all that is required is that you add different amounts of white and black to that base color to come up with varying tints and shades. One can also make use of various color tools available to come up with a monochromatic palette.

The choice of

#1. Easy to choose colors

The creating of a monochromatic palette is a simple procedure. All you need to do is to just select your color and then add white and black to the color you have picked.

#2. The colors will not clash

With monochromatic design, it is not possible for the colors you pick to clash. This can be attributed to the fact that you will only need to use only a single color in the web design. A color’s shade or tint will blend naturally with a different shade of the same color.This should be a relief to those people who may not be as good at choosing colors. Monochromatic designs can be elegant and harmonious with just the perfect amount of variety for the eye to stay interested and moving.

#3. The design has a more minimal feel

A simple color scheme will have an impact on the design. Since different colors do not contrast and compete, there is a pleasant feeling to monochromatic designs. This helps designers create interesting designs that still work well within modern design trends.When a design uses too many colors, it can end up conveying too many feelings or messages all at once. This can potentially confuse the person viewing the design.

#4. Allows web designers to highlight important elements easily

Monochromatic design allows the web designer the opportunity to create emphasis on those elements that are seen as important. While the bulk of the design should be done using a monochromatic palette, it is possible to use contrasting color on the few items you wish to highlight, such as calls-to-action.

#5. Create brand awareness

Monochromatic web design has proved to be a good way of creating brand awareness. When a company sticks to a single color, it develops brand awareness among its users. For instance, a certain shade of red is quickly associated with the Coca-Cola, orange with Harley Davidson and Cadbury uses the color purple to identify with customers.

#6. Attractive to the eye

Monochromatic design is attractive to the eye. It is not as boring as some people may think. A monochromatic website will look elegant without potentially distracting contrasting colors. Some people view this as classic while others while others give it the interpretation of being modern. It is all about an individual’s perspective.

#7. Easy on the eyes

Since monochromatic designs focus on a single color, these types of websites are usually easy on the eyes. Users want sites that are easy to read. Such sites do not tire the eyes easily. That is one of the major benefits of monochromatic websites in todays’ content hungry world.

#8. Showcases content

With limited colors in the website, the distractions are minimized for the user. The user will therefore find it easy to focus on the content. Businesses will consequently find it an effective way to showcase their products and services. In fact, research by The University of Texas discovered that websites with a monochromatic background palette were easiest to read. Since your site’s visitor’s brains have less to process they can better concentrate on the content.

What the critics have to say about monochromatic design

Monochromatic design also has disadvantages according to some critics of the style. For instance, some feel there is less variation to these designs. When variety and contrast are lacking the visual impact of a design can bereduced. In the process of trying to minimize and clean up a design, one may simply end up creating a boring web site. It is important that one maintains visual interest. The fact is that monochromatic design doesn’t have to be bland; there are plenty of monochromatic palettes that make very bold statements.

Other critics say that at times it can be difficult to read the text. This is due to the lack of contrast in some monochromatic designs. One must therefore take measures to make sure that his or her page is still possible to read by remembering to maintain contrast with text.

Final thoughts

Despite how hot and trendy monochromatic design now seems, it’s actually a timeless design style. Designing in one color is practical and effective.

Monochromatic design is not as limited as some people may think. Even though a website may not look colorful it can be elegant and beautiful. You can use any color for your design. It could be red, blue, green, orange, purple, or any other color. Due to the fact that monochromatic color scheme will always appear to be well balanced; the photos and contents of your website will be able to be displayed effectively. Monochromatic design will enhance the readability of your site.

One thing to remember about monochromatic design is that you don’t have to use the exact same shade over and over throughout the design. It’s more effective if you use differing tints and shades. Make sure you provide plenty of “pop” throughout your design. Not only will it provide visual interest, but it will pull the design together.

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