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Descriptive Guide to Virtual Phone Systems for Small Businesses

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For every business, customers are the backbone that either helps to grow the business or degrades the reputation. For any sort of issue, the customer initially rings a call to the customer service executive.

The delivered response automatically determines the customer’s perception of your brand. To keep your business lifeline inclined, it’s your ethical responsibility to deliver uninterrupted and most favorable responses to the customer’s queries.

The era of old telephonic arrangement is not anymore in use. Instead, all the business owners are transforming their existing telephone system to a virtual system. The Internet has even made it easy for the business owners with the introduction of virtual phone web integration into their website and makes it convenient to handle your customers via the website.

As of now, there are numerous companies that deliver the virtual phone service for small business as well as for well-established business. But how can you judge everyone and find the best service provider for your business?

So, here is a descriptive guide to the virtual Phone system. Let’s start with the traits that you generally expect from the virtual telephone system.

  1. Features You Look For Virtual Phone System:

Custom Greetings: You always surf to build a strong recognition of your business. Your custom greeting is essential in offering a unique identity. Whenever your customer calls your customer executive, they must be welcomed with a unique tune that makes them feel, how important they are for your business. The virtual phone system needs to have the custom greeting feature according to your needs.

Multiple Extensions: It’s not easy to handle all your calls on a single telephone. You always require a series of telephone system that can handle multiple calls simultaneously. But installing and maintaining the traditional phone system is hectic.

So, you require a system that can be managed with multiple extensions without extra manpower. The virtual phone system should have multiple extension features that can be handled efficiently and maintained easily.

Auto Responding Receptionist: In old days, there used to be a receptionist to handle all the incoming calls and transfer them to their respective teams. But, that is not anymore a problem. Most of the companies believe in a virtual phone system that is benefited with an autoresponder and works as a virtual receptionist for your business.

Call Forwarding & Call Queues: With ample customers, you need to be ready to handle multiple customers all at a time. For that, your customers are supposed to be on hold till their call is picked by the concerned executive. The telephone system must have call forwarding and call queue feature.

Call Recording/Call history: Every customer call is important for your business. You need to record each and every call that will help you witness the call executive performance as well as customer’s feedback against your services.

Now, you have a healthy list of points to match with the service of your choice. Whatever service you go for, most of the features will be provided by them to let you run uninterrupted and reliable customer service.

  1. What are the Benefits of Virtual Phone System?

24×7 Reachable for Customers: Offering your customers a 24×7 approach will always help you build trust among your customers. The more comfortable and instant response you deliver to your customers, the more trust you will build for the future.

Professional Look: Having a separate and distinctive phone number always looks professional. Distributing your personal number for customer assistance will never be a good idea for your business.

No Indulgence of Personal & Private Numbers: With the availability of the virtual phone, you will not find it messy to keep your personal and professional life apart. All your professional calls can be easily handled with different tools that you can opt as per your need, but it will not harm your personal life in any manner.

Instant and Easy Calling Feature: The Virtual telephone system allows you to be active during your working hours. This keeps you ready for each and every call from your customers. With a virtual phone system, the calling becomes instant and totally convenient.

Effective Task Management:  The software panel used to handle virtual calls also allows you to convert all your social activities, SMS, etc. into an individual task that becomes easy for everyone. You can even assign any of the tasks to a team member as per their specialty and area of expertise.

These above-mentioned features are much more important than having an ample number of customers. If you care your customers to the best level, the count will always incline; else it will degrade with the passage of time.

  1. How you can Use Virtual Phone system:

Via Softphone: Softphone use is booming with the introduction of the virtual phone system for small business. To run this service, you need to install an application program in your system. After registering into the software application, you will be permitted to handle the calls. The best part is, no technical specialty is required to handle and maintain the softphone.

Via Smartphone: Be it an Android phone or an iPhone, you can handle all your calls on a single device with the help of virtual phone service. You can even manage all the calls and run DND (Do Not Disturb) whenever you find it appropriate. All you need is a pre-built application that can be easily set up within your phone.

Via existing Phone Number: During registration, you are requested to provide a phone number for communication purpose. As per your requirement, all your calls can be easily forwarded to that number without requiring additional hardware or gadget.

WebPhone: A software panel is provided within the system that let you handle all your calls via web dashboard. There are many companies that offer web integration within your existing website to handle the calls smoothly.

Whatever your means is, it’s the customer’s response and their feedback that builds the future of your business. So, it’s highly important to handle your customers at your best. Customers are the most sensitive part of every business, so handle them with care.

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