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What Is a VoIP DECT Phone? Comparison of VoIP Phones

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A DECT phone or Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications is a wireless or cordless phone which employs the DECT standard to make phone calls. DECT is digital wireless technology. These kinds of telephones usually have a base and a handset. This is the main difference between a cell phone and a DECT phone. DECT is popularly used in wireless phones, but DECT has several uses from baby monitors to cash terminals. 

How DECT Started

The DECT originated in 1987 in Europe, and it formerly stood for Digital European Cordless Telecommunications which reflected its range of application. In 1995 the use of European was dropped for Enhanced term. It happened because of the growing adoption and use of growing technology. DECT is used in Asia, South America, and Australia. North America utilizes its own DECT 6.0 standard that employs a rather different frequency to DECT. 

Advantages of a DECT Phone

The biggest advantage of DECT phones is the freedom that they provide. Since they are wireless, you can just walk around the house or office place without getting tangled up in different wires. Also, you can just use various handsets across separate rooms. Consequently, DECT phones are generally used in warehouses and retail stores, and they are quite popular in home offices and office buildings as well. DECT can be a great addition for any business as it’s a flexible, compact, and robust solution. 

DECT Phones for Hosted VoIP Phone System

Wireless or DECT phones can be used to great effect, particularly when utilized with multiple handsets. For instance, an Ethernet Base Station connected to a router or internet can be paired with several wireless VoIP phones to provide the freedom of long-range indoor and outdoor communication. With hosted VoIP offering simultaneous calls, you don’t have to worry about callers getting engaged tone if a person is already on a call. Coupling a base station with wireless telephones uses this VoIP feature, allowing simultaneous calls within the home or office. Compared to conventional phones which are connected to landline phones, using a DECT VoIP phone with VoIP provides flexibility along with a huge selection of business relation features like call transfer and call recording at an affordable rate. 

DECT vs. WiFi phones: A Comparison of Both VoIP Phones

DECT Phones Have a Base Station:

Each DECT phone has to be connected with a base station that connects the phone service in order to send or receive calls. Depending on the phone’s company, there is the capability to register several handsets to one base. 

DECT Phones Do Not Use WiFi Signal:

People can get confused between WiFi and DECT phones. These are two different technologies, and both have their own benefits. 

WiFi Phones Don’t Require an Ethernet Cord:

WiFi phones pick up the wireless signal from the router to the device directly. There isn’t any need for a base station or extra hardware pieces. The distance you will be from your modem depends on the strength of the signal being pushed out. With the majority of WiFi telephones, they can jump from an access point to an access point in your office building. If you have internet coverage throughout the building, then the WiFi phones should work wherever the signals can reach. 

Voice Quality of DECT Phones:

When utilizing WiFi phones, your call voice quality is representative of your router and the access points. Further, you will be competing with other voice and data traffic over the internet. Even though there are ways to prioritize the voice and other data traffic, you will still face issues in call quality. Also, you might need to think about Bring Your Device (BYOD) and how they will affect your WiFi signal. DECT phones are not perfect, but they can provide better call quality. The DECT phone solution is on another frequency, and there will be no bandwidth problems with WiFi. The DECT phone calls will not be disrupted by other data-intensive applications, in turn, providing a better quality experience. 

Range of the DECT Phone:

Depending upon building layout, the wireless DECT will be functional up to 400 feet. You can pair various DECT handsets to a single base station. Extending the range of DECT can be done by utilizing a repeater. On average, a repeater can help extend the range up to 150 feet. The DECT phone generally can jump from a base station to base station. 

Choose From a Range of Quality VoIP Phone Brands

There is a lot of famous high-quality DECT phone which are compatible with the VoIP phone system; these phones are made by brands like Grandstream, Yealink, and Gigaset. These are all award-winning brands that are available at VoIP business and can be used with the hosted VoIP services. You just have to choose a number from the selection of telephone numbers in the UK and start using VoIP services.

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