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Mobile Testing Trends in 2020

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A mobile phone is like a third hand. Wherever we go, we have the handy thing attached to us. In fact, according to Statista, more than half of the internet’s traffic is from mobile phones. The huge significance of mobile phones today creates a domino effect on its other parts, which are applications and development testing. 

The quick-changing pace of mobile technology affects mobile testing trends, which, in turn, affects the development of mobile apps. In this light, it is just proper that we list down the top mobile testing trends for 2020. This information will enable mobile app developers to know what to look forward to in the future of mobile testing. But before that, let’s have a quick review first of mobile testing. 

What Is Mobile Testing?

Mobile testing is the process of testing a mobile application app on the following criteria; functionality, usability, and consistency. There are general ways of doing a mobile test. The first one is automated, and the second one is the manual-type.

Ready to know the mobile testing trends this coming 2020? Read on:

The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Mobile applications are evolving at a crazy pace. The contents of mobile applications are getting more complicated each day. To augment this, android app testing, as well as IOS app testing, are gradually turning into a higher form of automation. Experts often say that there will come a shift towards intelligent automation soon. This 2020, we might be expecting a prelude to artificial intelligence.

The Robotic Process Automation Or RPA Could Possibly Began

The improvements in mobile app testing services, as well as the thought of going AI, has paved the way for RPA. RPA is the closest that we can get to AI in the coming years. RPA gives the highest form of sophistication not only for mobile testing but also for business management processes.

Interface Programming And Application Testing Services Automation

There’s an application for almost anything now. By 2020, there could be an application for literally anything. What’s worse? Most of the programming would be running on one sole application. Interface programming and application testing services automation would rise up by then.

Improvement On The Coverage Of Mobile Testing Automation

Companies on the app development industry would have to enhance their test coverage due to the growing threats and intricacies of mobile apps. By 2020, companies should have altered and improved automation processes, test coverages, and infrastructure.

Open Source Tools Will Be “In”

Companies have discovered that incorporating open source tools in their applications can optimize the development, testing automation, and operations part of apps. Improving these three areas takes your application’s quality a notch higher. Today, open-source tools are garnering a high user number, but it will definitely soar in the year 2020.

Mobile App Users Would Be More Conscious About App Speed

Your application will be snubbed if it lags. Even now, people are quite conscious of the “speed” and “smoothness” in mobile apps. Speed, as well as convenience in mobile apps, will be the required premises.

The Need To Be Careful Around The Internet Of Things Or IOT 

People like the idea of convenience, that is why most devices nowadays are linked. For example, smartwatches are linked to mobile devices, and home accessories are linked to mobile apps, and so on. This idea is encapsulated in a single term, the internet of things, or IoT.

IoT, although convenient, have threats in security as the devices are getting more complicated. With this situation at hand, come by 2020, testers should also be more sophisticated in terms of technology. The testing process for IoT does not only involve mobile phones, and it could mean some other hybrid devices too.

Excellence In Testing Big Data

As we enter the year 2020, businesses will expect more utilization of data from mobile apps. A big data would mean greater automation labor and it could easily get messy when you also deal with development. That is why it is a good idea to outsource mobile testers from capable companies.

System Performance Engineering Will Be A Big Deal By 2020

Aside from speed and convenience, the app’s probability of succeeding would also rely on user experience. Hence, the move to SPE or System Performance Engineering by 2020 is mandatory to achieve user experience success.

With SPE, you can count on the fact that the networks will be working just fine. In addition to that, SPE can also provide flexibility, a wider range of automatic processes, and larger data. Bosses would also be glad as more costs are cut during the development process of the application.

More Companies Would Think Of Adhering To Mobile Testing Services

Mobile apps are evolving, and the amount of work put into them are also getting denser. This dilemma would weigh heavily on mobile developers and the dire number of testers in a company (which usually is the case). Soon enough, companies would have to start acquiring outsource testing expertise from the outside like QA Madness.

Aside from offloading roles, mobile developing companies will be assured of fast and quality testing services. In addition to that, it will allow companies to really test out their mobile applications. Remember, these testing teams aren’t on the same roof; they merely test based on a technicality.

Final Thought To Ponder On

The complicated demands of mobile development and testing are inevitable. In fact, these rising demands (on quality, speed, interface, and more) will continue as long as there is a sense of existence. This can lead to challenges for QA testers and entities. And we can’t really complain because change is the only permanent thing in technology (and basically for everything).

While it is great to have knowledge of the future trends of mobile testing, it is more important for testers to understand what works well for their projects truly. Knowing what works well for your project saves you from getting caught up with all the mobile testing trends.

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