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Several Essential Gun Shooting Games on the App Store

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As long as your Wi-Fi allows it, the App Store gets your FPS, battle royale, your top-down shooter, and sniper scope shooting games on the road.

With literally thousands of shooter games to choose from, which ones do you take on the road with you.


Beyond CoD and PUBG

Every shooter game enthusiast has downloaded Call of Duty and PUBG by this point. Those are just the undisputed kings in the format. What if you’re curious about what else is out there that’s worth your time and mobile device’s gigabytes? The list below tells you what titles could just be under the radar but at par with CoD and PUBG.


Sniper 3D

Free to download and can be played in offline mode, Sniper 3D is very reminiscent of our favorite early 2000s arcade sniper game Silent Scope. Sniper 3D has those bullet time slow-mo moments where you get a full first-person view of your bullet leaving your barrel until it finds its mark, bull’s eye! Graphics are great and can rival any PC or console game visuals. Play through several maps in multiplayer online mode and be the world’s best assassin sniper.


World War Heroes: FPS Shooter

A gem among WWII-themed shooter games, World War Heroes: FPS Shooter sets itself apart from the competition with spectacular visuals and graphics, and really good, smooth, customizable controls. This massively multiplayer online shooter lets you battle with authentic era-authentic guns like the M1 Garand, the Thompson, Kar 98, Luger, and other classic arms if that’s your thing.


Guns of Boom

At first look, Guns of Boom looks like a cartoony, mobile version of the online PC shooter, Valorant, but it is more way than that! The game pokes light-hearted fun at being too serious and is a goofy contest of fun that still has hard-core competitive FPS gaming at its core. Seamless, customizable controls make the game a joy to play, and well-made maps that are smaller than average but do not fall short of delivering big in gameplay quality.


Hitman: Sniper

Square Enix now has its hand in the Mobile scene and is poised to deliver the best sniper shooter games The App store has ever seen with Hitman: Sniper. Here, you once again play as Agent 47 sent on global missions eliminating high priority targets through your sniper scope. Graphics are exquisite as expected from any Square Enix title, and the fun factor of gameplay is spot-on.  Be ready for hours and hours of stage upon stage of sniper shooting awesomeness.


Sniper Fury

If you like games with a story, Sniper Fury is an excellent choice for you. In this sniper game you will be rescuing helicopters and sweeping the area from the pesky guerrillas. And if you shoot the last enemy accurately, you will start a slo-mo, just like in Sniper Elite. Unfortunately, without X-ray vision and anatomical details. Most of the game time you need to protect a particular objective. The weapons in this game are upgradable, so over time you can shoot with excellent accuracy. The graphics are at a very decent level, although the game came out quite a long time ago. There are some sniper superpowers, like time slowing or terrain scanner. For headshots and “explosive kills” you get more rewards at the end of the mission.


Max Payne Mobile

Probably few will argue with the statement that every Rockstar Games game is a masterpiece. That’s why gamers meet the mobile ports of their games so good and don’t even pay much attention to the outdated graphics and gameplay. And Max Payne Mobile was no exception.

An undercover cop is accused of murder. Now the only thing left for him to do is to escape from his former colleagues and enraged gangsters. “Max Payne” is a sharp story game about a man running on a razor blade. Max is a hero with a tragic destiny, he wants to clear his name and solve the brutal murder of his family.

“Max Payne Mobile” is a third-person shooter whose original version was released back in 2001. At the time, the game was a real breakthrough and made a significant contribution to the development of the genre. The game collected a lot of awards from the most authoritative gaming magazines of that time. Many people remember Max Payne as the heart-pounding action game with a touching and sad story. Naturally the mobile port of such a cult shooter became a real joy for the gamers. Absolutely, one of the best games of all time.



What list is complete without an all-out, shoot ‘em up zombie apocalypse shooter game? Unkilled is an FPS that lets you play story mode through the single-player 15-mission campaign or through the online co-op mode so you can shoot up zombies with your party! Play as one of several character classes and blaze through the zombie wastelands with unique skills and weapons.




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