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Insight: How Samsung is Crushing Other Mobile Companies

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While Samsung once had to fight for a place in the global smartphone market, they have exploded back into the market with its latest technologies and gadgets. Nokia reigned supreme in the market for years until the smartphone changed everything. Now, Samsung is the top competitor against Apple and Google smartphones.

The trusted Southern Korean brand has introduced cutting-edge technology and smart features into the market, earning them global acclaim. All over the globe, mobile companies are being crushed by these pillar brands because of their easy to use technology and exclusive features.

This year, Samsung mobile is prepared to launch even better technology. Next for the tech giant is foldable touchscreen phones, 5G connectivity, and AI features. The wide-scope company has tons of available phone models ruling the market. Most popular among them are the Galaxy S10/S10+, Galaxy Notes, Galaxy Fold, and more.

What Made Samsung Mobile Number One? 

All indicators point towards the chairman of the Samsung Group board, Lee Kun-hee, as the lead contributor to Samsung’s success. With his immense dedication to the company, many credit Kun Hee for leading the company to such prestige.

Alternatively, Kun-hee himself gives credit to the dedicated employees of the company as a key reason for such a success story. He claims that the employees provide their very best skills in every aspect of company production.

The company works upon the Korean culture by keeping the team spirit in mind. The primary focus of the company is based upon the “Three P’s”:

  • Product
  • Process 
  • People

Samsung stepped forward with the latest marketing strategies along with ‘global management,’ which assisted the company in achieving success in the new smartphone market.  

Kun-hee likewise stirred up Samsung’s branding when it was moping in the global mobile field. Even though Samsung is a highly respected name in many different fields, its movement into the smartphone class has helped the tables turn for the tech company.

How Samsung Is Beating out the Competition

The following are some of the open secrets to Samsung’s success in the worldwide mobile smartphone market: 

The Galaxy Series

Samsung’s foray into smartphone technology began with the Galaxy series. This generation of high-tech mobile phones proved to be the kick-starter for the brand’s tech revolution.

The Samsung Galaxy S was the primary contributor to users’ immediate gravitation towards new Samsung technologies. As an affordable alternative to Apple products, the original Galaxy product set a precedent for the top-notch capabilities Samsung offers. Because of this, Galaxy’s were the highest selling smartphone in many countries by 2010.

Since its conception and to this day, Samsung has been competing with Apple in the market. Samsung mobile phones won the top rank with users, regardless of the higher-grossing Apple.

The era of the Samsung Galaxy S gave way to newer and more advanced models. Next came the Galaxy S II and III, the Galaxy Note, and the Galaxy S4. These gadgets propelled Samsung even further into the smartphone spotlight, with users appreciating the affordability and advancement of new products.

The S series has evolved into its eleventh generation and soon the world will be able to enjoy the Samsung S11 and S11E. The note also evolved gracefully into its tenth generation, with beautiful high-quality products like the S10 and S10+ being offered.

Samsung, always known for its tough and dependable flip phone models, has now solidified its relevancy as a top smartphone distributor. Many new styles and tech features have become available through Samsung, setting them apart from Apple, who has mostly remained stagnant in their classic iPhone design.

The Android Platform

Besides the apparent devotion of Samsung’s representatives to further their vision of the company, the brand can give thanks to its Android Platform for much of its success. Indeed, it is Google’s Android Operating System that has helped Samsung smartphones and tablets soar to the forefront of the field.

The Android platform has been the OS for many smartphones before propelling Samsung Galaxy phones into the spotlight. Paired with Samsung’s modified TouchWiz User Interface, this OS has been positively received by a large majority of users.

As Samsung continues to progress forward, they also continue to offer updated and advanced technology with the best features for many applications. Samsung not only offers smartphone products but tablets and headphones/headsets as well, all riding on the Android OS.

Stunning Niche Marketing 

Another significant contributor to Samsung’s tremendous success is the use of targeted niche marketing. This helps the brand to connect on a more personal, heartfelt level with users. Samsung has embraced this alternative method of selling.

Dissimilar to the restricted, methodical approach of top opponent, Apple, Samsung focused primarily on mid-to-low-end variations of their products to corner a wider sector of the market. Instead of focusing on offering more expensive, “elite” items, Samsung primarily continues to create easy to use, affordable technology for a wide breadth of users.

Despite the mid/low-end product types, the quality of Samsung products is still unmatched. They have simply consolidated the most recent developments to offer shoppers the best innovation at reasonable rates.

Closing Thoughts

After considering the market inside and out, Samsung has attributed an alternate idea of niche marketing and popular product continuation to its immense success.

By focusing on items, procedures, and individuals, Samsung has put the smartphone market in a stronghold. With record-breaking success in recent years and unwavering support from price-sensitive customers, it is clear that Samsung is only moving forward in the industry.

From basic users to tech-lovers, Samsung has garnered support from customers all across the globe and will only continue to please fans as technologies improve.

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