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How to Add Text to a Video on iPhone

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Right now, videos are all the rage. Short videos are not only a terrific method for brands to display their latest and greatest items, but they are also tools for amateur videographers to fine hone their craft. We’ve even seen video clips used as an additional tool to interact with family and friends on social media.

With the recent release of the new iPhone, these cellphones are ideal for creating videos. Apple has even ventured to create apps devoted solely to video editing. So in this article, let’s learn how to add text to a video whether it’s online or offline..



Why Do Videos Need Texts?

The importance of text on video cannot be overstated. Even if the sound is turned off, your audience will be able to follow the message.

Here are some important notes to consider before adding text to your video. 


The text size is an important factor. It can’t be too little or too big or obscure other information. Text on a big screen is not the same as text on a mobile device. Making a mockup and viewing it on every editing platform is the best way to eyeball words completely. 


Fonts exist in various forms and styles, from simple and plain to abstract and artistic. When choosing a font, think about how you’ll use it, the tone of your project, and, most importantly, readability. Serif and san-serif fonts, as well as aspects like leading and kerning, are crucial considerations.

Obstructing Background

When working with text in the video, you must ensure that it does not impede the image behind it. If your subjects or photos move, lower thirds or titles at the bottom of the screen may seem safe. Never add text to a video without watching it from start to finish. For absolute confirmation, go frame by frame.


Working on a video project that will be seen on various devices? Consider safe margins in case your film is clipped or reformatted in a way that alters the edges and corners. Safe margins templates are offered in most NLEs, and they’re essential for ensuring that your content is free of errors.


Finally, there are conflicting opinions on how quickly humans can read and interpret material on a screen. While the results may vary, most agree that humans can swiftly comprehend knowledge when they want to. For most of your viewers, the length of time text appears on the screen should be sufficient — but not too long, or it will become monotonous or annoying. So break it down into small texts and go frame by frame. 

Add Text To Video Online

You will find a number of online, third-party sites that will loop a video for you. Most tools have an easy interface. These tools can assist you with adding text to a video. Using the “Add Text” function, you can finish your assignment in seconds. Whether you need to add a title or a watermark, the quickness and quality of the results will astound you. To begin adding text to your movie, simply upload the file, type your text, and save the result. There are no prerequisites for this course.

  1. Open the app and notice the fairly simple user interface. 
  2. You have three options to upload your files. You can drop them from your local drive directly, link a URL or import your videos from Google Drive or Dropbox. 
  3. The page opens up your video frame by frame, and in the toolbox at the top of the page, you will find ‘Add Text.’
  4. At the bottom, you will find a choice of fonts and sizes to modify as per choice, along with the options to turn your text bold, italics, change alignment and colors. 
  5. You can also trim, rotate, flip and speed up your video if you deem it necessary.
  6. Once done, save your video and download it for further use!

Add Text on Your iPhone using iMovie.

Most iPhones come with iMovie pre-installed if you cannot go online and need an offline solution. 

  1. Here’s how to add text to your video after you’ve opened it.
  2. Select the video clip to which you wish to add text.
  3. Go to the bottom of the screen and click the “T” icon.
  4. From the selection of templates, select the desired style.
  5. Tap the sample title and select Edit to type the required content in the viewer, then hit Done.
  6. After this, you can rearrange the title as desired by tapping it again.
  7. You may also pinch the text to make it smaller or larger. Alternatively, if you wish to alter the typeface or color, tap the “T” that appears on the clip below the video preview area and choose either “Aa” (for font) or the multicolor circle icon (for color). There are many different hues to pick from. This can also be done when you first choose the text style. More settings, such as text-shadow and uppercase, are also available if you tap the three-dot icon from that screen.



Adding text to a video will soon become part of your expertise as you keep creating more content.

So why wait! You have everything in the palm of your hand! Add text to your video to make your content further unique. 


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