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What Is the Cheapest Grocery Delivery Service in the USA?

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There are quite many reasons why people may hate grocery shopping. They may be simply busy with home duties, job responsibilities, or experience health difficulties. Fortunately, there is a big number of online grocery delivery services that will easily lift your goods to your home address. Which service provides you with the best quality to price ratio? Let’s discuss the most popular services.

In-Store Delivery

The majority of the large grocery chains in the US have their own delivery options. They usually allow customers to order the address delivery or the opportunity to pick up goods on their way home at the nearest supermarket. All you need to do is to sign-in on the website, add products to the cart, and pay for the shipment. Then, a responsible employee will fulfill your order and lift it to your home. Such kind of delivery is offered by Walmart, Safeway, ALDI, Publix, Kroger, and many others.

Meanwhile, if you are already a regular Safeway customer, you can check out the Safeway circular to find the best deals of the week and purchase them remotely. It will save you time and make the job done by others. Isn’t it convenient?

The Cheapest Grocery Delivery Services

The selection of the cheapest grocery delivery in your region should begin with a type of delivery. The delivery prices may vary depending on the region as well as the regularity of the shipment. If you approach one-time delivery, there will be a slight difference in pricing:

  • $3,99 – Publix;
  • $5-7– Shipt;
  • $5.99-7.99 – Instacart;
  • $5.99-7.99 – Fresh Direct;
  • $6,95-9,95 – Peapod;
  • $7 – Boxed;
  • $9,95 – Safeway;
  • $9,95 – Kroger;
  • $9,99 – Target.

Please note, that many grocery chains offer clients their free delivery services if they make a purchase on a certain amount of money (from $30 to $100 respectively). However, in most cases they charge an annual membership fee, which also varies from company to company:

  • $49 – Boxed;
  • $59 – Thrive Market;
  • $98 – Walmart Grocery;
  • $99 – Instacart;
  • $99 – Shipt;
  • $119 – Peapod;
  • $119 – Amazon Prime;
  • $129 – Fresh Direct.

It is worth paying a membership fee in case you order grocery delivery at least once a month. Then, these investments will be beneficial and help you to save money. Now, let’s pay our closer attention to the most popular delivery services in the US.

The Most Popular Services

1) Instacart

Instacart is a fast home delivery service for groceries and household essentials. Taking into account the specifics of the goods, the average delivery time does not exceed one hour. Users enter the service via a smartphone or PC, choose from a wide range of chain stores, and add products to their grocery cart. The time of the delivery depends on your location, however, the company tries to fulfill the order within an hour. This company works with a big variety of grocery chains and delivers goods for ALDI, COSTCO, Kroger, Safeway, and others. The key advantage of Instacart is that it operates nationwide, including Washington D.C.

2) Shipt

Shipt is one of the most prominent competitors of Instacart since it also operates nationwide and has quite similar pricing. It is known to have a close partnership with Target, CVS, and Petco. Shipt offers clients a fast delivery within an hour 24/7. You can also communicate with your shopper via a special chat in the app if you need to make some changes with your order. This delivery service provides clients with various in-app specials on various goods, but it doesn’t allow using manufacturer’s coupons. By the way, the same approach is used by Instacart.

3) Walmart Grocery

The Walmart Grocery app is a fairly simple online shopping app for groceries and other consumer goods. If you don’t have a lot of time or patience to visit stores and stand in line, you can use this mobile app to place a purchase order from anywhere. The app is quite intuitive to navigate, even for beginners. You do not need to join a loyalty club to use it and order goods from Walmart. The pickup delivery is also available via the Walmart Grocery app.

4) Amazon Fresh

Amazon is the largest online store in the world and one of the largest companies on the planet. It sells all possible goods internationally, but American citizens can take big advantage of participating in the Amazon Prime membership program. It allows them to receive fresh products and packaged food from local retailers in many American cities. Some products with a long shelf life can be also delivered internationally. 

5) Google Shopping

 Nowadays, grocery delivery is also available in Google shopping. You simply choose the location and find all possible delivery services available. Each retailer provides its own pricing and free shipping options with a minimum order requirement. Unlike other delivery services, Google doesn’t imply any membership terms, so you could simply buy goods from Costco without being a member of its club. 

How To Select the Best Shipping Service?

As you can see, there are many possible delivery options available for US citizens. To select the best shipping service for you, it is worth answering the following questions:

  • What companies work in my area?
  • What delivery time is convenient for you?
  • How often do you require delivery services?
  • Do you prefer buying at local stores or national chains?
  • What is your average cart price?
  • How much are you willing to spend on delivery?

Having answered these simple questions, you will easily select the shipping service that meets your expectations and requirements. Now you know, what companies operate nationwide, and what services offer the most favorable prices on delivery. So, approach your choice wisely, and don’t forget to share your feedback with us in the comments. 

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