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How Food Delivery Apps Are Revolutionizing The Restaurant Industry

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Apps have disrupted the entire digital world. From booking cabs to scheduling a doctor’s treatment, connecting with people or ordering food, mobile apps have overtaken all. According to research by the Times of India, nearly 57% of the total users worldwide prefer ordering foods online instead of stepping out to dine.

It has, at large, emerged to be a sensation that people of all ages are following. With Zomato, Postmates,  Uber Eats, and Swiggy being the top players, the online food industry etches quarterly growth of 15%. The race to capture markets and add customers keeps on rising as the industry aims to expand.

Who would not like to be served fresh and hot food right at the doorstep? And to top this, the restaurant owners also find the idea of online takeaways convincing as compared to the traditional form of dining.

Growing Food & App Industry – Statistics

Mobile apps have done an excellent job connecting food lovers with the food providers. In comparison to 2017, the current usage for food apps has risen by 70%.

Another research suggests that the total global food app users would rise to 60million by the end of 2023. What has added to the rise in popularity of food apps is the fact that the app owners not only give users the ease to order but at the same time provide fresh and quality rich food. With an expectation of the market to rise to €20 billion by 2025, noting what this trend does to the restaurant industry would be worth noticing.

Norms Used By Food Delivery Apps To Disrupt Restaurant Industry

  • One Tap App – On-Demand Delivery 

Having a busy schedule or late at work? Out of food or not in a mood to cook, food delivery apps are the one-tap solution for all. Yes, that’s what the top industry players have been to lure foodies and get them to order food online. One-click on the app, scroll through the available list of restaurants, add food items to the cart and there you go. Fresh food would be right at your doorstep in merely an hour or less. According to a survey done by Statista, 48% of US diners prefer ordering food online rather than going out for food. The restaurant owners have witnessed a sleek growth in the total number of orders as now users can order at their ease and get over the pain of traveling distance to grab a meal.

  • Reservations and Prior Bookings

Several food delivery apps give users the choice to pre-book a table in their favorite restaurant. Nowait and Opentable are the top two contributors that allow customers to pick up a slot in their favorite restaurant and then arrive just before that. No more waiting in line or skipping the urge to have food at your favorite hotel. Where nowait puts you in a line to get to a restaurant, Opentable straight away allows users to get a table reserved in the restaurant of their choice. This in a way eases the work of restaurant owners as they need not say no to every customer at their doorstep. An app to do all, smartphones have made everyone smarter.

  • Ratings & Reviews To Judge Brand Quality 

Gone are the days when users had to invest in the mouth of a word to find the top restaurant in the city. And mind you, this might not be the best idea. With apps like Yelp and Foursquare, customers can know about restaurants directly. The apps have several reviews and ratings put up by genuine users in a variety of restaurants. Based on the same, you can pick up the ideal one and have a perfect meal. Alongside, restaurants can get to know what users think about their food and likewise, use the reviews to better their services and quality of food.

  • Customized Deals 

No matter where and what you are, every business thrives users. The inception of mobile apps for the food industry comes with an additional feature of discounts and deals for both special and frequent customers. This in a way attracts users to visit the app more whereas restaurants have the chance to engage more thereby, enhancing their overall business. Apart from restaurant-specific deals, these apps have integrated payment specific coupons and offer to give them the ease to pay seamlessly.

  • Eliminate The Need To Have Staff 

As much as the food delivery apps benefit customers, they do the same to the restaurant owners. Considering the fact that online delivery does not require an in-house staff to receive or serve an order, restaurant owners can now cut down on the added expenses of hiring one. No longer does a restaurant need a hostess or a waiter for the order. The placed order goes directly to the kitchen.

  • Round The Clock Delivery

Going live with the food services online allows the restaurant owners to decide the time of serving. They no longer need to be time-specific. Whether it is 8 am in the more of 1 pm-midnight, we see apps being stuffed with restaurants ready to serve the customers, fresh and hot food. Services ply seven days a week. Further, serving food at odd hours of the day leaves scope for charging more and gain that cash keeping their sales high. 


You might be a start-up or a well set up restaurant, having an app for your food business is a must given the rise of mobile app usage and the pickup and delivery service. The ease with which users can place an order, book a table or even rate the services of the restaurant, mobile apps have streamlined the overall functioning of the restaurant industry and as time matures, this trend is expected to penetrate more. 

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