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Why an eSim Is a Business Traveler’s Best Friend

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If you frequently travel overseas for work or business purposes, you’ll be familiar with the connectivity issues business travelers face. For some, a reliance on WiFi can mean battling with poor connection speeds and long periods out of contact. For others, exorbitant roaming charges result in expensive monthly phone bills.

But, there may a solution hidden inside your device.

eSIM, or embedded-SIM, is a relatively new technology that is changing the way people connect around the world. Similarly to a traditional SIM card, an eSIM helps a user connect to mobile services. However, unlike a SIM card, it cannot be removed. Embedded inside a wide range of devices, the eSIM chip can be programmed (and reprogrammed) at any time, from anywhere, to any participating mobile network provider.

Consumers purchase eSIM plans online, or through their traditional network provider, and download them directly to their handset. To-date, Apple’s iPhone X, 11 and SE models, the Google Pixel 3, 4 and 5, and Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and S20 series’ are eSIM-enabled. 

So, why are a growing number of companies and business travelers beginning to use eSIM as a travel solution? Here are four reasons why an eSIM is a business traveler’s best friend. 

Cost Savings

The number one reason for using an eSIM when traveling overseas is the cost-saving benefits. Instead of using their traditional network provider while abroad, eSIM users can choose to download a local profile from a participating local operator, or purchase specific travel eSIMs. By using a local network or an eSIM designed for travel, you’ll be able to access cheap cellular services without the expensive roaming charges.

There are a wide range of travel eSIMs on offer, which often work in multiple locations around the world. A business traveler can simply buy an eSIM plan through an online eSIM store and use one plan for every destination they visit, or mix and match plans from different providers.

Of course, a user could also purchase a local SIM card from their host country for the best monetary savings, but many opt not to. The need to remove your existing SIM card to make space for the new one, as well as the time-consuming nature of purchasing a local SIM, discourage many. An eSIM is more convenient and gives its consumers near-local rates anyway. 

Freedom to Switch Providers

As an eSIM is programmable to any participating cellular network provider, a user has the freedom to switch between providers at any time and benefit from the best deals possible. For a business traveler, or company, this not only helps save money, but it eliminates the need to sign lengthy contracts with operators.

There is no limit on the amount of eSIM plans you can purchase, either, so a consumer is not tied down to any one eSIM provider. Only one eSIM plan can be used at a time, but the eSIM chip has multiple slots that can store multiple eSIM plans at once and a user can switch among them freely. 

Personal and Business Line in One Device

If you’ve experienced the hassle of carrying around one personal phone and one business phone, you’ll be happy to hear that an eSIM gives you the opportunity to ditch that second device.

An eSIM is embedded within your handset, providing you with a second, functioning cellular line within the one device. While most plans offer data-only bundles, there are a small number of providers offering eSIM plans powered with data, voice and SMS services. Utilizing that second number as your business number allows for true dual SIM functionality and the ability to properly combine your personal and business line into one device.

As such, you’ll never have to worry about missing a call again as your smartphone will identify each cellular plan and help them work concurrently with each other.

Instant Activation and Download

Using an eSIM while working overseas also takes the stress and worry out of business travel communications as plans can be instantly activated and downloaded online. Gone are the days of registering new business lines or planning overseas travel expenses in advance – eSIM plans from online providers can be purchased from anywhere in the world, at any time.

It can also help companies, of any size, with tracking and reimbursing business expenses. Companies can purchase eSIM plans for their employees and send the QR code to them through email. In most cases, eSIM providers also offer a top-up service that can be initiated quickly and easily. 

While there is lots to know about using an eSIM, it’s easy to see why business professionals and companies are starting to adopt eSIM as a business travel solution. Cheap cellular rates are resulting in fewer expenses and reducing the reliance on WiFi, while the convenience of dual SIM and instant activation is helping individuals and companies streamline their operations.

As more and more eSIM-enabled devices hit the market, the question is: When will you, as a business traveler, switch to eSIM?

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