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Decoding The Mobile App Myths

Decoding Mobile App MythsImage Credit: DepositPhotos
  • The development of a mobile app is quite an easy task. 
  • Mobile app development is cheap
  • A mobile app can be developed in just a few days. The users can easily find & download mobile applications.


Are these statements True or Myths? These are some of the myths about mobile apps that all individuals have. But, the scenario is totally different. In this article, we are going to decode many such myths about mobile apps. So, stay tuned till the end. 

As shown in the image below, the users using mobile devices, prefer using mobile apps more than the browser. This is because mobile apps are quite user-friendly. However, many individuals have misconceptions about the development of mobile apps that will be discussed here in detail. 

mobile app development

Myth 1: Mobile apps are a cheap deal

Many individuals feel that mobile app designing is cheaper as the devices are small. One may think that the development of small screens is quite easier and cheaper too. This is one of the biggest myths about mobile app designing that must be debunked.

Mobile app development can be affordable, but it totally depends on the complexity of the design. You need to contact multiple mobile app development companies in India to get the best quote. But, you just can’t expect to get the best design without investing a good amount.

There are many roles such as – UX designer, graphic designer tester etc that are involved in the process of mobile app design. Innovative and great designs need huge back-end support. Mobile apps with innovative Mobile app interfaces are complex, especially when we consider the complexities of analytical, security, functionality and key features.  Hence, we can say that the cost of designing a mobile app is not cheaper.

Myth 2: Anyone, just anyone can develop a high-quality design

Creating a good and high-quality design, right from the initial phase to the functionality of the application and graphics, is not a cakewalk. To your surprise, the development of mobile apps is a long process. It is, therefore, necessary for the developers and designers to keep an eye on the changing trends, new operating systems, new hardware possibilities, etc. Hence, it takes a lot of effort and intelligence to add these features and functions as per the changing trends and possibilities. 

Myth 3: The more no. of features, the better will be the application

People think that if the number of features will be added in their app, the app will perform better. 

However, this is not the case. Rather, adding too many features in your application will only make it unresponsive, bloated, functional issues and leading to many memory hogs. So, it is not wise to think about your mobile app as a mini version of your enterprise website. It will be smart to focus on adding only the essential features in your mobile apps instead of populating it with many unnecessary features. 

Myth 4: Mobile applications with higher graphics get more user ratings

High-quality graphics are indeed necessary for mobile applications. However, a nice shield does not mean that the application will be successful and have many downloads. An app with better usability, simplicity and clear graphics can also get good reviews and ratings.  

Myth 5: Developing a mobile app is a quick process

People always think that developing a mobile application is a quick and easy process. Yes, a simple mobile application with fewer features can be developed quicker than a complex mobile application. However, it is not at all easy to develop a mobile application as it involves a lot of processes and can take a few weeks to months in developing a mobile application. This is because, there are several things like functionality, usability, features, glitches, bugs, errors, etc. that need to be taken into consideration while developing a mobile application. 

Adding all the features and then checking all of them one by one is a time-consuming process.

Myth 6: There are no follow-ups after building the application

Developing a mobile application in itself is a complex and tedious process that involves a lot of man hours and coding techniques. From adding the various features to create a simple and interactive user interface, there are many steps involved in developing the mobile application. However, the work does not get over when the app is ready and running. The actual task begins when the app is shared with the application and tested on various devices for any bugs or errors and its user-friendliness. The success of the mobile application also depends on the marketing strategy so that it does not get lost in the application store. Regular updates are also required for the proper functioning and responsiveness of the application. 

Myth 7: When planning the budget of the mobile application, it is enough to consider only the development costs

A mobile application is not just about programming. The complete process involves many other things like preparing the concept itself, design of the solution, graphics and user interface design, the testing of the application is necessary, user support, marketing and so on. All such processes must be carefully planned and managed well and these are taken care of by the project management. For small applications with simple features, the simpler can be the process. 


These were some of the myths about mobile applications. The app development is not at all a simple and easy task. It involves a lot of man hours and coding techniques in the process. Also, mobile application development can be a little tedious task if not planned carefully and not done by experienced and talented professionals. Hence, it is always beneficial to hire mobile app developers from renowned and reputed mobile application development company to get the best app developed as per your budget and requirements. 

Search online for the best companies and shortlist the ones that you find may be suitable for you. You can then contact them to know about their services and charges. You can read the reviews provided by the previous customers so that you get to know about the quality of services they provide. Also, you can check the ratings of the companies on reputed platforms like GoodFirms and Clutch. 

Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions, please mention them in the comment box below. 

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