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5 Trends You Can’t Ignore for Mobile Application Development

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Today, almost everyone is using a smartphone – from teens to grandparents. With the increasing number of mobile users, the need for different mobile applications is also increasing day-by-day.

But what’s more important is that with advancing mobile technologies, there is also a drastic shift in user preferences. We are used to doing so many things on our smartphones, so this technology has become more demanding.

However, the users still want their experience to be elevated. While many people are seeking simplicity, they even demand entirety. With speed, they are also looking for substance, and so many things. And, these demands are likely to change with the rapidly moving time. With increasingly moving technologies, the new trends are going to shape up year-after-year.

2019 so far has been an interesting year, in terms of technologies. Now, people are also expecting better improvements in 2020 in various technology-led devices, including new mobile applications.

Here’s a list of some of the latest trends in mobile applications that we can’t seem to ignore. Moreover, these latest mobile app trends are likely to grow in the future as well.

Wearable Devices Operated with Health-Related Mobile Apps

You can open your Facebook and can easily find an ad about a gym, or any healthy meal. Or perhaps find information about a fitness course?

This is because everyone is obsessed with a healthy lifestyle nowadays. It’s awesome for sure. But it is also a growing trend. Due to this fitness rage, most people around us can be seen using smart wearable devices.

Be it Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watches, or any other fitness band – all these smart gears are hot right now. But why do people use them?

Well, using these wearable devices, they are not checking their calls, messages, or emails. Instead, they are using these smart devices for checking their daily health routines. One health app can show them the list of their current health status, including their heart rate, sleep cycle, daily activity, etc.

Based on their current routine, people can improve their daily lifestyle and make positive changes in their diet to improve their overall health. They can even check how many calories are they taking in a day and which food items to consume and what to avoid for better health.

Health-related devices and mobile applications are getting more and more popular. This trend is also be growing bigger in 2020 as well because more people are actively participating in regular healthy routines.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Decentralized Apps

Interested in Blockchain? Well, this also has been one of the biggest app trends lately. And, it’s not going anywhere in the coming years as well.

Have you heard of Samsung Galaxy S10 and its support for new decentralized applications? Yes, that’s right. The new S10 will be supporting DApps.

Internet of Things

This technology is fairly new at this time but has a huge potential to go and get bigger with better mass adoption in the future. We still have to find out if DApps will be able to make a lasting impact that they’re supposed to.

This will certainly be a big trend to catch up speed and secure your digital transactions in the future. However, we have already seen the usage of many IoT-enabled smart home devices. From Google Home to iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaners, Internet of Things (IoT) devices is also rapidly making move to our houses with growing digital trends.  


It may sound boring to some, but mobile shopping is not going anyway. Instead, you are going to see even number of shopping apps in the coming year. And, why not?

Shopping via a few clicks in your phone is the most convenient way to buy more items from the comfort of your home. It might be making us lazy or less willing to head out, but we’re all loving this trend – Aren’t we?

Mobile commerce is likely to remain one-of-a-kind and the hottest trend in the mobile development world in 2019 and also in the coming years. With an increasing number of online shoppers via mobile apps, it’s obvious that more brands are considering improvements in their mobile app development.

AR/VR Apps

VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) integrated mobile apps are rapidly gaining popularity for so many different reasons. The very first reason is its high-tech features. It’s simply amazing. Using a virtual sword, you can cut or shoot cyber zombies or fight bad guys while lying on your couch or bed. Wondering can it get any cooler than this? Well, VR has made this possible.

However, there is also an increasing demand for consumer and retail-oriented specializations in this field. Both VR and AR can easily add value to any brand. Provided it’s used properly. This is definitely one of the best mobile app development trends that we can’t seem to ignore.

This trend is likely to turn bigger even in the future. Every tech-lover is likely to see more amazing games and mobile applications based on VR and AR features.


While people are demanding more and more technological gears in the future, people are also looking for minimalism. When reading the news on any mobile apps, they only want to read the news and not go through tons of tabs to find the correct piece of information.

If you have noticed, some major social media websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, are now aiming for minimalism for their mobile version apps.

They are focused on presenting all high-tech features and specifications in the most simplistic way as possible. This way they are aiming to give the best experience to the mobile app users on their online platform.


If you have decided to start your journey as a business entrepreneur, using a portable mobile application for business growth is essential. Not just businesses, even laymen require various mobile applications for making digital transactions, checking emails, keeping track of health or for online shopping. With more advanced and better developed mobile application trends today and in the future, we can be sure of improved flexibility, mobility, and convenience in our lives.



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