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Mobile App Vs Mobile Friendly Website

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Obviously, most businesses are having advanced knowledge with regards to modern technology and becoming well-informed of the fact that they should always take into account the changes in every device program designs.

Internet users who are using only a mobile device already outstrip those users who are only using desktop for internet use. The application usage already beat desktop usage as well. Because of this, many companies were considering different techniques. However, the big question is, if a site or an application should be used in getting a positive outcome on your business.

Some say that you can just make a website suitable for tablets and other devices. While others say that application should be used because it is more user-friendly and there are factors that they can provide which the website cannot give.

It is difficult to decide whether to build a website or get an app that will fit the objectives of your company. There are lots of factors which should be considered.

Before going into some fine points, here are some explanations on why devices other than desktops are very useful as part of your business strategy.

  • People find that sites can make more consumers purchase a product or avail the services they offer if any.
  • There is a high probability that making a search using a mobile may influence the consumer to buy.
  • In short, if your business website is not on mobile, clients may go to your competitors. Meaning, you are expected to be unprofitable in the long run. An adjustment was made in Google’s search engine to urge companies to exist in the modern technology world and to entertain a lot of end-users.
  • Let us begin by knowing the likeness of a website and an application.
  • They are outlined for all smart devices and tablets.
  • Both have features that are exclusively for mobile gadgets only like mapping location.
  • Designed to work on tinier displays.
  • Sharing feature to social media friends and colleagues.
  • They can promote products and services easily.

In general, the initial step to take in marketing is to create a mobile website. This is a good way of promoting the business’ existence. especially that we are living in a world with advanced technology. On the other hand, an application is a good counterpart of a website. It can conveniently guide many users in carrying out jobs which a website cannot do.

Advantages of Mobile Applications

Applications are established for different platforms commonly, for Android and iOS devices. They are frequently used as an expansion of the business’ marketing. Here are some of its benefits:

An app is independent of a business’ site and it has the capacity to give your branding favorable results to the end-user. New branding techniques and forms can be used in availing mobile application development services. This will help you to reach many customers and be more popular on various users.

  • Maximize the device capacity

Native apps have features that normally gets access to the user’s location, camera, and some of their personal information. It is relevant for the apps to have access to the user’s device capacity to undoubtedly improve the user’s involvement in the app. In all aspects, customer feedbacks are significant. So, apps are a great way of boosting customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, mobile sites have limitations in penetrating the features of a device. It can also use a few features like GPS location and cameras but there are still a lot of technical restraints in using them.

  • Offline connection

Applications can be designed to have an offline feature. Even though more apps need an internet connection to accomplish different jobs, they can still develop it by adding an offline element where they can still have access to the different capabilities that the app can offer. One good example is the user can have unlimited access to the app even though there is no internet connection.

Advantages of Mobile friendly website

This type of site is designed for various sizes of screen. It is a modified version of a normal website which can be only used through a mobile. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Wider audience

We all know that websites are reachable all over the world using different platforms. With the use of search engines, a greater number of audience can be reach compared to an app.

  • Practicality

A working and user-friendly site is more practical than developing an app. This is accurate if you aim to promote your business in different kinds of devices with the lesser cost expected to be incurred.

So do we have an excellent choice?

Well, it all depends on the objectives of your business. If you want to reach a lot of people, a mobile-friendly website with reliable content is the best option. But, if you are aiming to connect with your customers in real-time and more conveniently, the best choice is developing an app. Honestly, both strategies are beneficial for your business. If properly done, they can greatly contribute to the success of the company.

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