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Which Mobile OS Is the Best?

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Now that both Google I/O and Apple’s WWDC have ended, let us examine how

#1. Android

Android is the open source mobile OS from Google. It includes a complete set of devices for mobile which covers an operating system, middleware, and key mobile applications. It has been built from ground-up so that it can enable developers to create truly compelling mobile applications. In a nutshell, these applications take the full advantage of all the handset’s capabilities.

Based on the Linux kernel, it has a user interface that is based on direct manipulation. It is designed especially for touch screen mobile devices that include smartphones as well as tablet computers. It is also designed for use in televisions, cars, and wrist watches. As of 2015, Android is the most installed OS amongst all its competitors.

#2. iOS 9

iOS 9 is the forthcoming release of the iOS 9 mobile operating system that is designed by Apple. It is the successor to the already existing iOS 8. Its expected release date is September 2015, and has been announced at Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2015 on June 2015. The OS includes many optimizations as improvements over iOS 8 and previous versions.

#3. Blackberry 10

Blackberry 10 is a proprietary mobile OS that is developed by Blackberry Limited for its Blackberry line of smartphones. It has been completely built from ground up and is based on the QNX operating system. This system is widely used in industrial computers as well as in many car computers.

Blackberry 10 has continued to evolve in many respects. It is not essential to touch any physical buttons except the power button on a Blackberry Device running Blackberry 10, as it relies on gestures and touches for its operation. The 10.2 update allowed downloading android apps while the 10.3 update allows official integration with the Amazon Appstore.

#4. Windows 10

Windows 10 is a soon to be released computer OS that is being developed as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems by Microsoft. This software will be available for general use on July 29, 2015. Currently in public beta testing through the Windows Insider program, it will be offered free of cost to all users of genuine Windows 7 service pack 1 and Windows 8.1 updates.

Windows 10 aims to unify the various operating systems that include Windows Phone, Windows Embedded, and Xbox product families around a common core known internally within Microsoft as OneCore.

To discuss which is the best of these four mobile operating systems in one guest post is a fairly difficult game, but let us try and be as fair and balanced as possible throughout this blog. Let us begin by first examining some of the features of each

Android M Outstanding Features

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Better App Permissions

App permissions in Android M have been revamped. Users are now capable of accepting or denying individual permissions according to their discretion. Actually, the entire permissions system has been simplified. Now, permissions are not asked at the time of installation, but at the time the user accesses the app for the first time. This permission can be modified later in Settings, or you can even view permissions by type and which apps have been given that type of permission.

Superior Web Experience

The web experience for Google Android M users has improved with Chrome Custom Tabs, which is a new feature that gives developers a whole new way to harness all of Chrome’s capabilities. This is done while still keeping control of the look over the look as well as feel of the overall experience. With Chrome Custom Tabs, the support will be extended to over automatic sign, saved passwords, multiple process security, this will assist the integration of the app many fold.

Additional Fingerprint Support

There will be a standardized support for fingerprint scanners on phones that are running Android M. This will allow fingerprint scanners to unlock phones and make purchases with Pay Store apps in real life. With this feature, more and more phones will be equipped with hardware fingerprint scanners in the future.

Advanced Mobile Payments

 With Android Pay, it is possible to enjoy the checkout process at retail stores in a fast as well as easy manner. Existing cards can be used to pay for purchases in more than 700,000 stores in the USA. This is compatible with any device that houses NFC capabilities and runs 4.4 KitKat or above. Further the Android Pay is being supported by carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

Blackberry 10.3 Outstanding Features

Opinion: Best Communicator

Refreshed Look and Feel

With the Blackberry 10 OS version 10.3.1, users get a refreshed look as well as feel. These powerful features immensely boost productivity, collaboration, as well as communication abilities. 

Innovative Feature – Blackberry Blend

Now, users can move data between the two devices to accomplish various tasks. Now, with Blackberry Blend, it is possible to bring messages that are on your Blackberry to your computer as well as tablet. You can access your work as well as personal messages, notifications, contacts, media, documents, and calendars in real time.

Download and Install Android/Blackberry Apps

With Blackberry 10.3, it is possible to download as well as install both android as well as blackberry apps. You can access both business as well as productivity apps through Blackberry World. Users can also access the best android games and apps through the Amazon app store.

Inventive Personal Assistant

With personal assistant, it is possible to manage email, contacts, calendar and other blackberry 10 features through voice as well as text commands. It helps the owner to execute tasks quickly and respond to various routine corporate situations, such as scheduling a meeting, getting directions, or responding to important emails. It is intelligent enough to respond to you based on a situation. You can receive a speech or a text response according to the method of interaction you choose.

iOS 9 Outstanding Features

Opinion: Working hard to improve refinement and simplicity

Improved Siri

According to apple, Siri is now 40% faster as well as more accurate than last year’s version. Siri serves more than 1 billion requests per week since launch and it helps users search for photos from specific places as well as times. Users can also create reminders from emails in a much simpler manner too.

Via iOS 9, Siri can automatically know when you go out for jogging in the morning, so that it can launch the music app when you plug in the headphones. It can automatically open an audio book when you are driving, because it can learn your habits. It can also put meetings as well as events into your calendar automatically when sent through emails and messages. Siri is also exceptionally good at providing contextual information provided from your Siri request.

Evolved Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that is not new, but is evolving into a platform that can help you pay through your mobile phone, thus saving you the hassle to carrying your wallet around to the pub or the mall. With iOS 9, it is also possible to add store cards as well as reward cards, so that you are not left out when it comes to discounts as well as club card points.

Improved Search

Search on iOS 9 is a notch higher than search in iOS 8. With iOS 9, it is possible to search for items like sports scores, video in VEVO, as well as iTunes store content. Users can also play content directly from search results. The search API is also being opened, so that content from third party apps can also be installed on the iphone and iPad.

Better Privacy

At the unveiling of the iOS 9, is has reiterated its commitment not to let data fall into wrong hands. Apple promises not to link user information to other Apple services as well as well as share it with other parties. According to Apple, users will remain in control and iOS 9 users will be able to stay anonymous. However, it remains to be seen if Apple will be able to keep its promise.

After Tim Cook’s privacy tirade last week, Apple reiterated its commitment to not let your data fall into the wrong hands. It still promises not to link your information to other Apple services, share with third parties and says that ‘You’re in control’. iOS 9 users will be able to stay anonymous and only time will tell if Apple will be able to keep its promise.

Apple Passbook is now Wallet

Now, Apple Passbook is being called wallet, and will become the location for all the user’s credit, debit, and loyalty cards. Users will still be able to store boarding passes, and tickets, just as the way the Passbook app currently does it at the moment.

Windows 10 Outstanding Features

Opinion: Windows 10 to be common platform

Windows 10 can be downloaded July 29 2015 onwards for free, according to a statement released by Microsoft Corporation. This update is going to be available to PC users who are running either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, with the free upgrade being available for a year after that. Windows 20 is the true first cross platform iteration of Windows, but on July 29, it will only be pushed to PCs. Some of the features of Windows 10 are as below:

  • New Phone and Messaging apps
  • better and new People app
  • better and new Maps app
  • Updated App Switcher
  • Expanded Start menu
  • Apps that run in a window
  • New Task view button.
  • Multiple desktops.

After the debacle of Windows 8, Microsoft is skipping Windows 9, and it will be launching Windows 10 directly. Actually Microsoft is killing Windows Phone and it will no longer be a separate operating system. Windows 10 is being built upon a single common core that is internally known within Microsoft as OneCore. This core allows Windows 10 to run on devices of multiple form factors that includes smartphones, laptops, hybrids, and smartphones.

Comparison Analysis

As you will have seen from the features description above, there are many new features with almost all mobile OS developers as they try and stay ahead of each other in the rat race of competition. Here, it is not that technology is the winner, but which OS is actually best for the user. Thus, instead of trying to analyze which OS will be best, the winner is the user here.

Hence, it could emerge that while Blackberry and Windows could be emerge as winners for Corporate and business users, Android and iOS could emerge as the clear choice for social and entertainment uses. The users will ultimately determine who the winner is.

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