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Mobile Marketing Trends For 2013

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As 2013 approaches, marketing professionals turn their attention to the next year’s strategies. Because of the recent growth in the number of smartphone users browsing the Internet on their mobile devices, it’s likely that many 2013 marketing efforts will focus on the phenomenon of mobile marketing.

Below are three key technologies likely to take mobile marketing by storm next year.

# 1. Location Technology

Almost every mobile device is already equipped with a GPS transmitter capable of calculating and broadcasting the phone’s geographic location at any given time. Mobile marketers can easily use this technology to their advantage in several different ways. For example, using GPS data, mobile marketers can create profiles of the people who pass their store’s location most frequently and then target advertisements to these very people.

Mobile marketers can also use this technology to send specific types of ads to people in a certain location. To draw new customers into the store, mobile marketers can offer incentives for people who “check-in” at the store’s location online.

# 2. Near Field Communication

Near field communication, or NFC, is a revolutionary mobile technology that allows users to send data from their mobile devices to a card reader. If a mobile marketer’s store supports this technology, the user would be able to pay for purchases using only his or her phone. Because this technology is so new, consumers who use it are likely to flock toward the stores that support it. Furthermore, mobile marketers can increase their appeal to consumers by offering NFC coupons and other promotions.

# 3. Augmented Reality

Though 2013 won’t see this technology reach its full potential, it’s likely that augmented reality will enter the field of mobile marketing next year. Augmented reality turns a smartphone’s camera into a “browser” for the real world. When the user points the camera at various objects, content is displayed. Mobile marketers can use this technology to their advantage by creating applications that offer in-store augmented reality, such as the ability to find exclusive discounts or watch product-related videos. Marketers can also use augmented reality as an advertising tool.

Staying on Track

With so many new mobile marketing technologies available, it’s more important than ever for business professionals to collaborate with one another and stay organized. Using specialized software like SharePoint, professionals can keep track of all of their campaigns, share information with one another in real time and even access all of their content from outside the office.

The newest version of SharePoint offers some excellent features, including:

·       Compatibility with Office. SharePoint software allows professionals to share content via any Microsoft Office program.

·       Social tools. SharePoint offers multiple social features that allow professionals to share ideas and information at any time.

·       Organization features. The newest version of SharePoint includes SkyDrive Pro, which allows users to sync documents and access them from their desktops even when they aren’t online. SharePoint is also compatible with Microsoft Project and Microsoft Outlook, which allows professionals to keep projects organized and on track.

Mobile marketing is nothing new, but it is sure to gain momentum in 2013. By staying on top of all the newest technologies and utilizing them to their advantage, companies can ensure that they gain the most benefit possible from mobile marketing.

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