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What Mistakes to Keep Away From While Testing a Mobile App

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Testing a mobile app is as critical as developing it. Most developers are in a rush to complete the apps on time in order to fulfill the project deadline. They opt for shortcuts that might result in few or many loopholes within the app in the form of bugs or errors.

If you want your app to be perfect and appreciated by everyone then there should be no room for bugs or errors to exist. However, that is not the case most of the time. The majority of developers think they have completed the project successfully without realizing the consequences put to use. This is the stage where the quality assurance or mobile app testing team comes to prominence.

Mobile app testing is not child’s play. It takes multiple rounds of iteration to test the smallest possible functionalities, and same activities are repeated over and over again until a required result is obtained. Each time testing takes place; there are adjustments to be made. All this takes enormous patience in terms of time, which is ideally lacking in today’s developers.

However, we can make things easier for you by pointing out those 5 commonly made mistakes, which if avoided, can make things smoother for mobile app testers resulting in a lot of time saving on the project. Try to avoid making these mistakes, and you are better off with all of your mobile app projects.

Mobile App Testing mistakes you need to avoid

There is nothing wrong in committing mistakes. We are human. We tend to make mistakes. However, it is important to learn from others and not commit those mistakes. What we learn from others and how we can rectify those mistakes is what matters. So let us find out which are those mistakes that lengthen mobile app projects in terms of days, months or even years, and make life hard for both developers and testers.

Features not prioritized over user interface or experience

This is one of the most common mistakes that you see with app testers when they emphasize more on UI/UX than the functionalities provided by the app. Looks do matter in any mobile app. However, it is not more important than the usability perspective of the app for which the user wants to download. Would the appearance save the app if the app does not serve the purpose, or if the functions are not working properly? Ultimately, it is all about what users get from the app rather than what they see in the app.

Not understanding the requirements demanded by an app

Every app tester should understand goals that need to be achieved from the app. If they are not aware of what is to be expected from the app then how will they test the same? They might test the app from a completely different perspective, which may not be useful from an end user viewpoint. Therefore, unnecessary features tested, probably in iterative stages, leading to wastage of valuable time and resources.

Miscommunication between developers and testers

Not having a technically smooth conversation can lead to misconceptions between testers and developers. A nonprofessional language might be easier to understand, but it may not convey things aptly. While making use of mobile app lingo can be a bit difficult, there is a clear understanding of what developers want from testers and vice versa. Most of the time developers struggle in explaining things to testers while testers struggle in explaining to developers the difficulties they are facing. Henceforth, it is wise to get a developer level person on testing position, or probably someone who has taken up a professional testing course.

Not properly maintained crash logs

Crashes happen all the time until the app is perfectly free from any errors or bugs. The worst part is when that happens after launch. Users get annoyed instantly and they will never ever come back to your app unless something exceptional takes place. Crashes taking place at testing level can be rectified only if proper crash logs maintained depicting what crashes to solve. The testing procedure can prioritize crashes only if they are known.

Not tested on all possible devices

It is another common problem with most companies. Almost all of them falter here. Testers make a mistake of not testing apps on all OS versions. They test it on latest OS version and expect the app to work on all older versions. However, what they do not realize is the fact that all operating systems work differently. What if your target audience also uses iPhone 4, in addition to iPhone 5, and 6? Missing out on any one version will allow for glitches on that version. This will result in annoying a section of users, ultimately losing your target audience to some extent.

When it comes to Android, things become even worse as different devices use different Android versions, which makes it even tougher to test it individually on an individual device.

Have your mobile app testing mistakes corrected

With equal importance given to mobile app development and testing, your app can be on its way to create wonders with easy approval on App Stores. Ending up with a top quality product is just not enough. It should function equally well without any glitches or loopholes. Unless you develop a good reputation, you are not going to attract a solid amount of users to download your app.

It is very important to divide the app testing process in phases. If the above mistakes are taken care of, your mobile app will save not only valuable time but you will be free of the chaos taking place between developers and testers. Exceeding user expectations is the key to an app success, and that is only possible if the app is tested on every single front until a quality product is finally produced free of bugs and errors.

Mobile app testing can require a lot of attention as well as demanding extensive patience not ideal for everybody. If you really want to let your app be free of mistakes, just avoid what we have discussed above.

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