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10 Latest Tech Tools You Should Know About

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Having dozens of apps on your smartphones or scores of bookmarked websites on your laptops doesn’t mean you cover all the latest tech tools at your fingertips. You cannot even imagine how quick apps are being launched these days. When you think you’re up to date, something newer and trendier comes along. The credit goes to demand and technological evolution!

So, before you wave the white flag, we are here to help. To make your task easy, we have selected through hundreds of new tech tools to help you get 10 of the most buzz-worthy ones.
While all of them are not brand new, some of those listed here are those you haven’t heard of. Hope you find them useful. Have a look.

1. Rise Alarm Clock

If waking up were easy, there wasn’t any need to invent those irritating and bombing alarm clocks. But time has changed now!!! This Rise Alarm Clock app is so beautifully designed that it makes waking up very pleasant. Super simple in functioning, the app even allows you to snooze just by shaking your iPhone. Plus, its minimalist design is a wonderful way to ease into your first cup of refreshing coffee.

2. Alfred

An uncanny iOS app at gauging your tastes!!! Alfred is a discovery tool, which begins with your location and proceeds by asking you several simple questions about cafeterias you like to visit often. With just a click, the eatery recommendations start popping.

3. Catch

The catch is among the newbies on the block. However, it promises to help you manage the information overload. With the freebie account on Catch, users are allowed to upload 70MB of content including text, photos, Web clips, and voice memos to a cloud service. The app is available for both iOS and Android platform, along with the plug-ins for the more popular Web browsers.

4. Facebook Timeline Apps

The king of social media, Facebook recently launched more than 60 associates offering new apps for its new Timeline feature based on themes like entertainment, food, fitness, music, shopping, news, and travel. With this timeline’s integration, users can now post their activity from these other websites on their Facebook page in a nutshell.

5. Kyoo

This new Web service sums up the buzz about a particular topic from popular social mediums. It collects data from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google News, YouTube, Google Blog Search and even social bookmarking websites such as Digg, Delicious, and Reddit. It’s an interface and video channels are being greatly appreciated.

6. Muuter

What if you’re able to remove certain topics, friends, or hashtags temporarily from your Twitter? With Muuter, now you can!! This timer feature is amazing that helps you eliminate “noise” from your Twitter feed when you think you’re done with your patience.

7. Path

Path 2.0 is an intimate and elegant app in terms of its interface and usability. For its attempts to make social networking more peculiar/private by restricting users’ friends and ability to share Web links, it is being taken as the “anti-Facebook” service. However, Path has experienced a thirtyfold rise in the number of daily users since its re-launch last year. While Path is free, some of its advanced features are priced. However, the company said it will not include ads on the website. The app is available for Android and iOS and integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Tumblr allowing cross-posting.

8. Slice

Alert online shopping freaks! The slice may be your new BFF. Why? A slice is a digital tool that offers a simple way to organize your purchases and tracks all your orders simultaneously from multiple vendors. Now, no more hassle of inquiring customer services!!

9. My Secret Folder

Of course, not everybody feels like sharing their life book with others. All of us have something to hide. So, here’s the solution for you. My Secret Folder app acts as a private, passcode-enabled service, which stores your pictures, movies, contacts, notes and other things you don’t want folks to stumble upon. The cool part is, if someone tries to open this iPhone or iPad app with a wrong password, the app will immediately snap a picture of the person, tag the location and keep it on file for you.

10. Tweetbot

This is a full-featured iPhone Twitter mobile app with an attitude! Twitter may have launched plenty of decent apps for iPhone, but none seem to match the best of the best features of Tweetbot’s polished feel including multiple timelines, native push notifications, smart gestures, customizable navigation, etc.

Bonus: IceCream

If you’re an iPhone user, you might have received the dreaded message, “cannot take a photo” at some point, which pops up thanks to too many pics of kids, cats, beers, and pairs of sneakers. So, here’s something for you! With the new app IceCream, you’d probably never see it again. This free, tasty and clever camera and photo app use a secure private cloud that is hosted on Amazon Web Services to store hi-resolution versions of your photos and then optimizes or deletes them from your device. Just a few taps in the dashboard and you can free up to approx. 1GB of space for apps, videos, or 5,000 more photos. The app also allows you to download your entire data including videos, images, etc. right from the website to your computer in a .zip file.



Wasn’t that fun? Did we leave out any you know? Which are your favorite new apps among the list? Let us know in the comments.

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