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Know Everything About New Android “L”

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Android L is the new sweet thing from Google which seems to have challenged the naming conventions of Android OS but still goes by the tradition they follow that beat their own existing features and facilities with sweeping design and performance updates.

It’s quite apparent that Android L has been worked upon to serve the transition dynamics that is much existing and making their way through smart wearable devices like Google Glass and Smart Watches. Besides, it is much more open to serve the idea of one app working with many devices and make things relate with the latest theory that keep collaborative performance on top.

Let’s see how Android L is going to serve your advanced application needs and how is it going to change the way we work with Android:

#1. Performance gets the hike

Well, the first thing that you would experience with the Android L is the raised levels of performance. With faster OS updates and security patches available with Google Play you will see a lot of change coming your way in terms of response mechanism and query processing as it has just subsided the dependency on OTA updates and carrier services. So, now you get better options to work more closely with Google’s core applications and this would turn out to be a high quality experience for you as a user.

#2. Less load time resource consumption

Android L makes sure that the applications take less time to load with the faster technical supervision and process support. This allows the new OS to help the gadget consume fewer resources. The battery life tracker and automatic resource management system offered by Android L allows the system to recover from the excess energy consumption in various conditions.

#3. Better designing possibilities

Android app development seems to enjoy better space working with new and better design resources and elements that help apps get a better functional base and richer presentation scheme. With Android L, you can effectively use interactive supplies offered by the integrated design resources and use them to develop attractive UI elements and apply great effects on them to experience the next level Android communication.

#4. Built-in Security container

Earlier installments of security on Android looked quite lacking with touch-ups and validations. The extensions they were equipped with were not filling the purpose well as per the reports from industry experts. Android L comes with improvements and extensions that address to various security issues and make it offer in-built security with the dedicated feature container. With Android L, you can expect far more managed process associated with user’s enterprise profile – enforcing a more authentic check-in and check-out policy, powered by the leading service provider in this space, Samsung Knox.

#5. Ownership and task locking

One of the most favorite features among users, task locking, facilitates the app owner to define different tasks and assign permissible access to it. This allows the user approved by the system, to access a specific task and perform authorized operations on it. This follows with extended real-life utility as customers can be allowed to access and add to system information and help the system to perform interactively and work on a contributive model.

#6. Scheduled jobs and other new APIs

With Android L, it is now easy to have a better control over the task execution. User experience is enhanced by new Job Scheduler APIs that allow battery optimized and OS managed task scheduling. Apart from this, the connectivity APIs further makes it easy for the system to support multiple network connections and makes it easy to write cross-platform Cordova applications among many other task paneling facilities.

Final Thoughts

All these features and the idea that is put in here towards the next big release of Android, all that can be said now is that the system will bring certain change in the way Android apps are performing – in a good way. However, it will take some time for the iteration to take place but once it is done, it will soon be adopted by the consumers and enterprises alike owing to its predominating feature-set and the possibilities it offer over the existing options. But, only the time will tell, how much time adopters will take to convert their domestic-settings and native implementations to those standardized in Android L.

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