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Key Skills to be A Leading Entrepreneur

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Out of numerous changes in the global preferences and lifestyles, there is one more trait noticed in the young blood and that is that they all want to be an entrepreneur and not want to work for someone else. The choice isn’t false, most of us have the desire to use our skills entirely to develop our self rather than putting the efforts for a third party, and that too by giving more than required and getting negligible in return.

But not everyone out of these dreamers succeeds and gets the true fulfillment of being a successful entrepreneur. It isn’t like they don’t work hard or have the passion for the work but they somewhere miss the ‘smart work’ skill, and the same consequently pulls them back.

The reason behind writing this article is to highlight some of the key skills that all entrepreneurs have in them; yes all irrespective of the stream they are working in.

Let us have a look at the skills that can take you to the list of leading entrepreneurs:

Do what you feel

Before the statement gets misinterpreted, I would like to highlight the true essence of it. Do not go entirely with the market flow; remember an entrepreneur creates market, raises the demand and then supplies. Find out what interests you, what it is that you are best in and then be the leader of it. Until and unless you don’t live your business/plan, you can’t be a leading entrepreneur.

Plan and manage

Both of these work hand in hand. First you need to plan you work wisely. Everything in this world is meant to be done in a sequence (even washing your face) never ever break that link. Once you are done with planning you need to manage your resources (this includes money primarily). If you successfully set the plan and manage your resources accordingly, you are good to go with the boulevard ahead which is destined to reach (formulated with rest) the destination tagged as ‘leading entrepreneur’.

Sale is a must

Be it a product or service this is what an entrepreneur serves. None of these can make you successful without sales (irrespective of how good and passionate you are with them). Your marketing strategies and your plans could be very wise but they, you and your team needs to be sales oriented. You can never ever be a leading entrepreneur if you can’t ask for sales. Ask people to buy and turn them to your buyers from potential buyers, do not hesitate in selling what you created (be it product/service).

Be Obnoxious

A leading entrepreneur needs to be obnoxious (self-promoter). The key idea behind this skill is that if you can’t love and promote yourself, why would the people whom you are pitching to. You need to be in love to make them love: be shameless and inherit this skill.

Be with best

To be the best you need to be with best. A herd of foxes, though led by a lion, can ever tame a group of tigers. You need people as passionate, optimistic, obnoxious and sales oriented as you. Do not fear they won’t take your place as you are the leader. Be their guide and motivate them by doing things first.

Make world your competitor

This is that one mistake we might create often. We remain stuck to the tiny ‘their own world’ and out from the other landscape or maybe their neighbor itself, steps in and knocks them down. So never ever confine the vision, let it see the bigger picture.

Go getter attitude

A leading entrepreneur is one who doesn’t sit and wait for someone to do the task for him (not every task). You need to hit the base at the right time and at times waiting for someone else might let the opportunity flee away. To be a leading entrepreneur you need to have the go getter attitude, not only to achieve milestones by yourself but also to motivate your team.

Risk taker

Business is a lot about taking risks and chances. Believe me when I say ‘you are not authorized to enter the success arena’ until you have the courage to take risks. I would like to make one thing very clear, by risk, I don’t mean idiotic ones but the smarter ones. Idiotic risks are those taken by leaving things to fate, smarter ones are those sitting over the base of intellect and will to do the task.


To be a leading entrepreneur you need to be ‘full of energy’ 24*7. For your staff you are the source of inspiration –  they get motivated looking at you and I’m sure that no business can run sound or no entrepreneur can go far with dull footsteps. You need to be loud and clear with your words and works if you want to be a leading entrepreneur.


You need to be adaptable to all kinds of environment and people. A leading entrepreneur never let any expression, emotion or thought rule him. To be one of the kind you need to be flexible with these and be able to mould yourself into the way your business can get the most of the moment and the meeting.

Though simple, these key skills are of utmost importance for any ‘want to be entrepreneur’ to have if he wants to be the leading entrepreneur. Remember you need to create a boulevard to be the leader AND rest will follow if these certain traits are a part of your life.

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