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Is Your Web2print Storefront Meeting Customer Expectations

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Looking at the advancements in technology you will see that there a huge increase in opportunities for those who want to excel in their web to print business. Web2print has seen a massive growth over the past few years, but does your storefront offer to the customer what they are looking for.

Every printing firm takes the decision to have a web2print storefront solution that will not only enhance their growth but it will also but ease the complexity of their work flow. They also want a system that will make online shopping of products even easier through web2print.

You first need to understand what your customers are looking for and what kind of customizations they have asked for in the past. This will give you a broader prospect to think on and take the right decision. If you have loyal customers you will have a good brand name; to create one you will have to make your web2print personalized and more customer oriented.

What is your customer looking for?

Happy customers are the key reason for growth of any business. You should never overlook what a customer actually wants. Any business having the most satisfied customers will always be ahead in the competition. With so many web-to-print storefront solutions the customers will also have a varied experience as all will offer something better than the other.

Here is where you should not ignore the customers demand or liking for a particular attribute or heading. If your user is able to adapt the features then you also need to be sure that the entire process till payment provided by you is simplified and fully customizable.

Various questions you need to ask yourself and the team before you deliver it to the customer are:

  • Is the shopping process fast?
  • Can you use the latest design?
  • Is it simple, will they be able to navigate on their own?
  • Will it work on all devices?
  • Does it use too many complex features?
  • Does it allow quick edit of the product you want to design?
  • Is the checkout process quick?
  • Do you have multiple payment options and gateways?

What features should your web to print storefront software offer?

There are many that already have web2print storefront software but the features that are being offered are very important. Are you using the latest technology in it and are you giving it to them fully-loaded with features that makes designing and printing not only an easy job but also a very creative and time-saving one. It should be feature enriched. Does your platform provide your customers scalability, flexibility and added features for the growth of your business? Does it offer complete control over the presentation of store through content and other functionalities?

The most advanced features that will satisfy the customer by giving them more control and personalization through the web2print storefront solution are:

Mobile Responsive Ready Store: You should be able to provide the customers with a multi-channel experience with mobile responsive website design and product personalization. Since mobile users have increased over the past years and the usage of Smartphones has also increased it is important to have a mobile responsive store where they have the freedom to make purchases on the go.

Easy Product and Catalog Browsing: Enabling this feature will allow the customer to search for a particular product either with the product name through the search bar or even from the catalog list. This will save their time and make the entire process smooth for them.

Multiple Design Ideas Browsing: Enabling this option will give customers the option to browse and choose the design from the data you have stored.

Quick Checkout Process: Making the checkout process quick by adding guest checkout will encourage customers to come again and again.

Easy Payment: Use a platform such as Magento that is integrated with multiple payment gateways along with other payment options such as Paypal, etc.

Customer Account: Let customers create an account and store their wish list there. Also allow them to see their past orders and their past transactions if any. Give them permission to edit their contact info if it changes in the future or they have added any wrong information. They should also be able to view their ratings and reviews they have given for certain products.

There are many more features that you can add and get them customized as per your requirement or your customer’s requirement that you might have received in the past. Every printing firm has different requirements hence you need to get a platform that will customize as per your needs and requirements.

Adding Variable Data Printing

One of the most important features that companies will look for when they want to print the variable data in one single click is Variable Data Printing (VDP). This new and added feature when used by the customer will give them a new and hassle free experience.

It is always a tedious task to get I-Cards printed. In the past customers would have to make individual entries but with VDP they can do this in one go. It will not only help the customer to lessen the work but will also help you to increase your sales and ROI. This will just be a one-time investment where you can get good ROI in the future.

Importance of VDP for marketing experts

When you use various offline marketing strategies like brouchers, fliers, tickets, car park tickets, direct mails, personalized booklets and manuals, then VDP can be of great help. You might want to add some coding, numbering or names to these documents, at that time you can do this with the help of VDP. They can do a lot with the VDP Feature to lessen their work and get tons of it done in minutes.


If you enable this feature your customers can personalize their own products giving the freedom to make their own designs and add text as per their choice. You want see many offering this feature where a customer can personalize his T-shirts, Business Cards, Mobile Cases, Photo Albums, Shoes, Caps, Envelopes and the list is on-going. What more would you want than to be able to add your own designs like images, text, etc on the T-Shirt and Also personalize your other office accessories too.

So if you have a customer who wants to do bulk printing of cards, envelopes, mugs, mouse pads, etc then with the personalization feature they can do it.

This feature will also be very helpful for the branding and marketing team as they can use this to give away as token with company logos, or some message that you wish to pass to the public. Does your web2print store offer these above said solutions?


The printing industry is huge and so is the demand for personalized printing. If you have already had a set of loyal customers in the past you bring them on-board but yes, these customers will come with a vision to have some added features to the storefront so that they can design and create their own personalized products.

If you want to have a successful web2print storefront with the best solutions, it’s best to have it customized with the most required yet simplest features.

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