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Why Install Business Security Cameras? It’s not Just About Security

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Business Security Cameras are a must for any Business

Why do businesses need to install security cameras at their facilities?  On the surface the answer is simple.  Security.  But in our experience, as a security system integration firm with 17 years of experience and having dealt with a large variety of different businesses, we know that it is never that simple and the full value of what surveillance cameras can deliver to businesses is often never made. We believe in the importance of educating our customers on what they secure their facilities with. Through the proper implementation business, security cameras can deter crime, improve situational awareness, and even identify areas that can be improved operationally. First, let’s dive into the security aspect as I’m sure you as someone who is responsible for securing your facility and the people within it know that the priority is and should be security.


business-security-cameras-deter-crime1. Deter Theft & Crime

Security cameras for business are exceptionally valuable when implemented correctly. As security professionals, we know that you cannot simply place a security camera just anywhere and hope for the best. Professional integrators know that it is mandatory to place cameras in the most optimal locations so that criminalities cannot only be captured but also deterred. Theft is not an act only carried out by thieves, but unfortunately employees too. With the proper placement of business security camera systems those seeking to cause criminal activity will often times be deterred through knowing every move they make is under watch and that will make them think twice before messing with your business.

2. Video Surveillance Storage  

The best educated commercial security installers know a focus on reliable storage is mandatory. Something we have found consistent in today’s security environment is the need for additional surveillance archives.  Adding additional business security cameras, switching to high-definition cameras, and responding to lengthier retention requirements should not cause you a headache over figuring out how to store this excess data. Through the use of a NVR (Network Video Recorder), hard drive, or network server an IP camera system will allow you to store all the recorded footage digitally.

Business owners may think they have the pulse on what’s going on with their employees, customers, and products. The reality is everything is changing all-the-time and situations may come-up like an inaccurate inventory count, a customer complaint that occurred or even a god forbid a lawsuit that is brought to the attention of the business well past the 30-day retention time where video surveillance evidence would have really come in handy.   The overwhelming majority of small businesses only store video for 1-2 weeks.  With surveillance compression technologies there is a way to keep that audit trail longer to mitigate future risk.

3. Real-Time Security Monitoringvideo-verification-monitoring-service

When your away from your business who has eyes on your inventory or information?  High-risk areas require continuous surveillance, implementing video verification along with your alarm system monitoring can be a saving grace for several reasons.  It allows you to not have to go to the office if an alarm sounds- the video monitoring company can verify if it’s a false alarm without you having to even get out of bed.  Furthermore, with the use of intelligent video analytics, it can identify if it’s a human being intruding on your premises or a friendly critter.  Ultimately, even without a video monitoring service- small business owners can have full situational awareness of their business in the palm of their hand.  Even enterprise businesses can monitor independently multiple locations through a shared interface on your mobile app.

4. Reduce Insurance Costs

Something we can all agree on is the annoyance brought on by insurance costs, between your home, phone, vehicles, and business it sounds ideal to reduce any of those costs. Fortunately, some insurance companies offer discounted rates to facilities that install security cameras in or around their building. Another way commercial security cameras reduce this cost is through the fact that with constant surveillance there will not be any false injury claims by either customers or employees. In the instance that incidents do occur evidence is beneficial to prove your business is liability-free and ensuring your insurance costs will not spike up.

5. Resolve Problems more Efficiently

It doesn’t matter what type of facility you run; business disputes happen every day. So why wouldn’t you want to be prepared to know what really happened if and when a dispute occurs? Rather than dealing with “He said…” “She said…” situations and relying on varying bystander input, with security cameras the truth will be in the footage. To avoid extensive investigations, we know how important properly placed commercial security cameras are. A business security camera will provide you with a clear video of an entire incident. Having this evidence can help quickly resolve an issue, save you time and money, and reduce workplace mishaps.

6. Improve Productivity

Though some employees believe security cameras to be invasive, we all know if you are not doing something wrong, you do not have anything to worry about. It has been proven that employees who are monitored have increased and improved productivity. This means your facility will have less time-wasting, employees on their best behavior, and working to their fullest capability. All of these things are crucial to business success. Most importantly you are allowing your employees to feel safer, but along with that security camera in your business has the additional value of improving your employees’ efficiency.

7. Saving Money

As we previously discussed the implementation of business security cameras in your facility allows you to reduce your insurance costs in a variety of ways. Along with that, you will also be saving through avoiding theft and frivolous lawsuits. Having a surveillance system installed will ultimately cost less than hiring full-time security officers for every entrance, exit, and various sites of your property.

8. Customer sense of Security

Anywhere you can feel safe and secure is going to lend to a better experience. Having your customers feel this way in your facility is important to their experience so that they correlate being in your facility with a sense of safety. Unfortunately, in this day and age, a variety of lethal situations occur in public, high traffic places. Having the proper security measures in place will give your patrons peace of mind and allow them to experience your facility for its intended purpose without constant paranoia. They can enjoy what they intended to do and have a positive opinion on your business which is a plus for both you and them.

9. Provide Evidence for Investigation

Seeking justice is important when a wrongdoing has occurred. But you cannot seek out justice without accurate evidence of what occurred and who was involved. Often times in incidents where little to no concrete evidence can be found, outdoor security cameras have picked up footage of people as they are heading to the location where they carry out an unlawful act as well as capturing evidence of on-site altercations. Having business security cameras can assist the authorities in a variety of investigations ultimately keeping your business and the area around it safer.

employees-safe-workspace-with-business-security-cameras10. Safer Workspace

Safety is a non-negotiable concept, the rules, and the laws your business upholds won’t stop the wrongdoings.  Video surveillance is crucial for businesses’ success. Through commercial security camera installation, you can evade and capture evidence of these crimes. As professionals with experience in the security industry we know just how important it is to equip your entrees, exits, parking lots, hallways, high traffic, and crowd barring areas with security cameras. The value can be seen through the prevention of vehicle break-ins and vandalism, as well as preventing harassment and inappropriate behavior among employees. With business surveillance cameras you are able to know who was responsible for disrupting the safety of your business.

Business Security Cameras used as a Business Intelligence Tool

We know what a great return in investment security cameras can be for a business not only in their security capabilities but their video analytic tools too. Security technology can assist in improving operations, marketing, and sales. As professional integrators, we are able to understand the different approaches to business intelligence and how they best apply to each individual business. Business intelligence does not have to be complicated; it is simply a way of analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your business through the dual use of your surveillance cameras.

A population application is particularly beneficial for retail. This analytic tool enhances operations by counting customers, tracking how long customers spend in varying parts of a store, and also analyzes information from point of sale. How this works is video cameras capture information pertaining to the number of people who enter the store and then compare that with the number of transactions. Various outlets can then compare results to gain insight pertaining to shrinkage, inadequate staffing, and the highest traffic hours on an outlet-by-outlet basis.

  • Mapping High Traffic Areas
  • Counting Occupants
  • Tracking Priority Customers
  • Dressing Room Usage
  • Additional Check-Out Lane Alerts
  • Merchandise Repositioning

Facial Recognitionfacial-recognition-as-a-business-tool

An optimal tool for high traffic environments. This video analytics tool equipped in your business security camera enables you to keep an eye on who exactly is entering your business. Facial recognition can alert you of high-profile customers as well as an alert when a wanted criminal has entered the premise. This can also be enabled to pull up customer shopping profiles.

Demographic /Mood Analysismood-analysis-video-surveillance

A great way to seek out target markets. This tool provides information pertaining to the type of customers (Approximate age, race, gender) and how they appear to be feeling. This will assist you in making decisions regarding altering your marketing budget to attract a desired demographic as well as increasing sponsorship and advertising revenues.

heat-mapping-video-analytics-for-business-security-camerasHeat Mapping & Direction/ Wait Time

This tool leverages existing camera technology to deliver actionable business insights. It will show you when and where customers enter and exit your facility along with where customer service and product engagement takes place. This is a great way to figure out if you need to alter your business layout or product placement.

Manufacturing Operations & Efficiencies by use of Business Security Cameras

Video analytics serves a great purpose in manufacturing. From surveying for equipment damage to inconsistencies in production lines this business intelligence function is a great way to avoid malfunctions. This ability really portrays the functionality of business analytics through that not only is it a smart business tool, but a way to create a safer and more efficient workplace too. Manufacturing is a complex business and requires video surveillance to maintain safety guidelines as well as avoiding security risks all through the use of business security cameras.

Employee Management and Safety

Video analytics can be used in factories to signal when employees need the assistance of a foreman. Once the employee raises their arm, the surveillance will detect it and a signal will be sent to the foreman to assist the employee rather than the employee having to step away from the line to seek assistance. From a safety standpoint, the software can be used to decrease workplace injuries. By deploying overhead cameras and creating digital boundaries an alert can be sent out when an employee crosses the predetermined boundary. This alert can be assimilated with an alarm or even stop production lines and machinery until the person is out of the area. Along with that, employees in vehicles are typically allocated to specific pathways to avoid accidents. Video analytics can be set up to monitor these pathways and set off an alarm when a disturbance in the pathway has occurred or when a vehicle has violated the pathway.

Asset Overview 

Manufacturing facilities rely on max output that is unflawed. When a machine malfunction or something falls onto or off of the production line this can ultimately cause faults in the final product causing reductions in profitability. Fortunately, video analytics integrated with your business security cameras can study the flow of traffic among employees and products and using deep learning algorithms signal where enhancements can take place to increase efficiency, video can also be equipped with thermal imaging to alert for potential issues like machinery overheating. Notifications can also be set up so that when items fall from conveyor belts or production lines have backups an operational supervisor can be notified. Another function of this tool is upon deploying video analytics to security cameras at loading docks alerts can be sent to coordinators at operational teams once vehicles arrive and depart from loading docks.

The use of business security cameras is not what it used to be- gone are the days of not utilizing the footage (outside of incidents that need to be investigated) for other productive elements other than security.  This ‘useless’ footage can now be transformed into actionable data business owners can learn and adapt with. Increase sales, improve employee productivity, develop faster and more effective manufacturing assembly lines and ultimately increase profits all well-upholding safety measures.
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