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Important things a JS Developer should know

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JavaScript is the most important programming language in modern software development. About 95% of websites use JavaScript to display dynamic content to visitors. Although JavaScript is very important in web and mobile application development, JavaScript Development Company hires many managers who don’t know what to look for in JavaScript development.

This guide will help managers who have accidentally packaged JavaScript to choose the right outsourcing partners and software developers for their projects.

Serious JS Developers should know:

  •         NodeJS
  •         Timing and asynchronous operations
  •         Data Structures
  •         Accessibility
  •         Presentation and semantics
  •         Security
  •         Knowing when to avoid bullshit

Apart from this, here are some important things a JS developer should know about JavaScript Language.

Error handling:

Coding errors are an inevitable part of the software development process. Regardless of the programmer’s experience, errors still occur. In fact, the study found that, on average, software developers make “approximately 15 to 50 errors” per 1,000 lines.

Traditionally, JavaScript errors fall into two categories: programming errors and factual errors. You should be able to determine the nature of the error and propose a simple solution. Before making suggestions to developers, you need to ask yourself how they will deal with different situations. Ask them how to recognize and fix things like syntax, runtime, and errors.

Know about the logical asynchronous code:

Asynchronous programming is a type of concurrent programming that allows you to perform multiple operations at the same time. When the user initiates an operation, the program will continue to run until the result is returned. This type of code is very different from traditional synchronous programming.

In the standard method, the user initiates an operation and the program is suspended until the result is returned. The disadvantage of this method is that the second request cannot start until the first request is completed. Since the program can perform multiple operations at the same time, Asynchronous code can improve application performance and software responsiveness. It is important to ensure that potential developers in JavaScript development companies should understand the differences between the two methods. Ask them to explain the difference between the two types of code and the best use case for each type.


One of the main differences between JavaScript and other programming languages ​​is the importance of functions. With JavaScript, software developers can create independent functions in their code. The ability to place functions anywhere in the code makes programming easier and helps you create shorter, more compact code.

In addition, JavaScript treats functions like any other object. Because these objects are very flexible. In JavaScript, developers can pass a function as a parameter to another function, which is called a higher-order function. This allows software developers to build more complex applications without writing more code. Therefore, a developer who wants a job in a JavaScript Development Company should grip on functions of JS.

Document Object Model:

The Document Object Model (DOM) is an object tree used by browsers to build a web page structure model. DOM is a real-time data structure, and any changes made to it will be immediately reflected on the web page.

Develop Node.js websites & Applications:

Node.js is an open-source JavaScript runtime that processes server-side code and provides everything needed to run the program. Prior to its release in 2009, web applications were run on this node.js helps to increase speed, but at the expense of server downtime and an event loop that meets other needs. Node.js also provides event-driven I/O API and synchronous development for developers.

Basic design:

Any JavaScript developer should have at least a rough understanding of user interface (UI) and interaction design (UX). Traditionally, custom designs are considered. However, modern software development methods such as agile and lean emphasize the importance of design at every stage of the process.

Front-end web Frameworks:

Prospective JavaScript developers for applying in JavaScript Development Company should be aware of one of the three most popular JavaScript frameworks, React.js, Vue.js, and Angular.js. These front-end web frameworks create user interfaces and are the most popular choice for websites and web applications.

An Essential Language:

For developers who want to create custom web, desktop, and mobile applications, JavaScript is the main programming language. Companies are interested in creating custom software. Before expanding job opportunities, you should carefully check the candidate’s technical skills and knowledge.

Some companies simplify the recruitment process by partnering with JavaScript Development Company to find candidates. These offshore JavaScript companies have the internal expertise required to properly evaluate developers and knowledge. All recent graduates should have a good knowledge of JavaScript and be able to explain why each of the above concepts is so important.

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