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Importance of being Omnipresent for Retail Businesses

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Technology has brought a whole new experience to retailers. Now, retailers can sell anything, anywhere without any boundaries. Online retail shops also have their own local physical stores where customers can walk into and buy something. On the other end, the local stores have also ensured that they have online stores so that customers are able to purchase online and they don’t have to come physically to their stores. This means that their products are available to those who shop online as well as those who cannot access the internet to shop, thus expanding their brand.

Here comes the need of being an omnipresent which means retailer businesses need to be always available and always ready to make shopping easy and convenient through every channel and touch point.

How to Make your Retail Business Omnipresent

Retailers are quickly upgrading their game and are turning their businesses to be omnipresent for greater success. Businesses are going online by either developing an eCommerce store or a shopping cart app where customers are able to order their products. On the other hand, those with online stores are building physical stores so that the people in areas where internet access is not well developed can have an easier time acquiring their products. This way every customer’s needs are met. When they are able to shop online they will and when they cannot, they will have a physical store to turn to.

Moreover, social media is not behind in this game. Retailers have started their Facebook, Twitter and other social pages where customers can shop as well as post their queries. If you want your business to thrive and dominate the competition, it is required that you become omnipresent. You have to be everywhere at the same time and make sure that potential customers are constantly being reminded of your presence in the marketplace.

Why You Should Consider Being Omnipresent As A Retailer

There are many reasons why a retailer should strive to be omnipresent. Which means be available at all times so that your customers can always have access to your products and services as well as be able to contact and communicate with you. Some of these reasons include:-

Business Expansion

Adding one or many platforms to your business is like expanding your business. Having retail applications that enable people to shop for the products you are offering or even buying them through your website is an easy way of reaching more people. Those who cannot come to the store or are far from it will have the opportunity to shop through the company’s application or through the website.

Brand Name Exposure

Being everywhere means that a lot of people can get to know about your business. You can invite people to like your business on social media where they can get information about your products and services. In the same way, having a local store can attract people easily so that they come and purchase your products.

Marketing Strategy

Being everywhere, you are marketing yourself to the potential customers. Having all the information that pertains to your services as well as products lets the public know that you exist and that you are capable of taking care of their needs effectively.

Higher Rates of Conversion

If a customer wants to buy from a website or mobile, you are there so there are high chances of purchasing your products or services. So, if visitors are high, chances of converting them also become high.

Communication Becomes Easy

The want to congratulate or complain about the services and products you are offering becomes easy. Customers should be able to add reviews and post comments online. Whether it’s negative or positive, it is important to know the mind of the clients so that you can either change or get better and better.

Helps You to Stay Competitive

Retailers are using latest technologies to make their businesses better compared to their competitors. Who are you to be left behind? Being omnipresent, it helps you to keep up with the competition at all times.

Let’s check out few brands who are using the benefit of being Omnipresent


Apple has done a lot to give the best user experience. Customers can use mobile apps to book support and help. Also, when a customer is near-by an Apple physical store, they get a message about the technician who is ready to help. Moreover, when customers order their item from the Apple online store to collect from their local store, customers receive an alert of order information when they are near to their Apple local store. This is the best example of being Omni-present.


A reward app can build stronger relationships between users and the brand. And Starbucks is doing the same. I am talking about the reward app of Starbucks which is the best example of Omnipresent so far. They give a free rewards card that users can use whenever they make a purchase. They can check and reload their card balance through their phone, Starbucks website, or when they’re at the local Starbucks store.


Lancome, the well-known beauty brand, has partnered with Richrelevance to provide an Omni-channel personalisation to its customers. When customers create a profile for their preferences like products and their skin types the profile can be accessible at local stores as well as online. The best part is when consumers select a product on the Lancome website; they immediately see that product applied on a model which has the same as the consumer’s skin tone.


When Talking about Omni-channel, how can we forget Walgreens. They have mainly focused on providing a mobile app which can do everything for customers like managing their pharmacy prescriptions, fill out rapid refill requests, and find deals on products in the stores. This is not all … this app also makes orders and customers can pick up at the nearest location.

To conclude, it is vital that a retail shop becomes omnipresent. In a world where everyone looks to the internet to get whatever they want, a retailer has to make a point of following the trends. Being omnipresent will not only expose you to the greater market but will also help a great deal in building your brand as a retailer. Everybody else is enjoying the benefits, join the club.

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