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Importance of Mobile Apps from a Business Perspective

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Organizations and businesses understand the potential risks involved in running a business, especially when it comes to doing it on smartphones with mobile apps. Extensive business intelligence research without any gossip is what they rely on. In today’s smartphone age the competition has become fierce and businesses strive to be seen on mobile phones for a global search. Business entities nowadays leave no stone unturned, relying on whatever business practices they can implement.

The world moving towards monetization on mobile apps

With in-app advertising in trend, businesses get their mobile apps developed to capitalize simply upon the advertisements present within the apps. Other businesses monetize their app through in-app purchasing for using advanced features. However, most of the companies use mobile apps purely to extend their presence worldwide, with the majority of people getting access to their products or services irrespective of the geographical region.

Be wise in selecting appropriate app development platform

The choice of platform does have a major impact on the business you are running. iOS app on one hand has great capabilities to be monetized due to the stringent selection procedures and only a few apps actually making it through to the App Store. While, on the other hand, an Android app has an easier short listing procedure, leading to multiple apps getting approved on a daily basis. This makes it tougher to shine on the Play Store. Hence, if you are to earn solely from in-app advertising or in-app purchases, then an iOS app is more preferable. If your primary goal is to promote your brand and business, then having an Android app is more advantageous because of a broader market.

Internet of Things (IoT) making a mark in Watches and TVs

With the app market getting tremendous success on smartphones, it is now time to have Internet available on the devices we use on a daily basis. It started with Smart Watches leading the bandwagon. After that came Smart TVs, with global electronic products giants like Samsung, LG, and other companies coming out with their offerings. If you think imaginatively, then you can have the Internet available on everything that you see or use – like video game consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox, fridges, washing machines, kitchen appliances, and more. The only reason why companies are not concentrating on these IoT sources is because there are few users.

Scenario of Enterprise Mobility in this year of 2016

With the advent of Internet on smartphones, people now prefer to be on the web or use business apps on the go; to carry their work or office around with them wherever possible. Enterprise mobility refers to employees shifting their work habits to mobile sources, preferably smartphones, to balance their professional and personal lives simultaneously.

So what is the present state of organization-wide enterprise mobility within the current year, 2016?

Newer infrastructure adopted by companies

New technologies and architecture are adopted by today’s companies with brand new mindsets. Especially to take full advantage of the mobile industry, companies are moving towards digital transformation completely by increasing their mobile portfolio. Today, mobile has become a vital part of overall business concept and strategy, with large technological companies outperforming smaller competitors. The smartphone arena has even gone one step further by extending wings into PaaS, SaaS, cloud services, and IoT.

Cloud technologies taking over the mobile platform

Vendors offering cloud platform technologies is a completely new revolution in mobile apps scalability and efficiency across networks. Now it is easier to connect mobiles and IT systems. Cloud vendors aim for sophisticated solutions to compete with enterprise-level providers, dominating the enterprise mobility providers providing high-end solutions.

Security is a big concern in enterprise mobility

With more networked hardware all around the place, there is an even bigger concern for enterprise mobility security. The reason simply being taking care of more points of access, giving rise to increased vulnerability issues. Solutions like Server Hosted Virtual Desktop (SHVD) often play a vital role in slowing down the productivity in an organization. There is an effective alternative present in the form of IT taking administrative control of business network devices, striving to reduce IT personnel need.

What is your take on mobile apps importance on a professional level?

Mobile apps give businesses plenty of opportunities to let them take a bigger piece of profit in the app market. An increased, exponential growth over the years has proved the substantial success of the smartphone apps arena since the evolution of mobiles, and in turn, apps. There is no slowing down from here and it will only grow with time. It might look as if the app market is saturated, but the reality is completely different.

Businesses can definitely encash on both iOS and Android, possibly using the monetization strategies we have discussed. A lot of money can be made if the correct productivity or complex apps are designed keeping in mind user needs. If the apps look promising to the users, then they have no reason whatsoever not to earn from in-app purchasing or advertising. If the IoT segment is also tapped in terms of Smart TVs and Smart Watches then there is a sure shot guarantee of companies making money from great apps meant for different IoT platforms.

Even enterprise mobility has become an important perspective within mobile apps development where organizations take an utmost advantage of letting things be portable for easy accessibility everywhere, at any time. Solving business and consumer needs are of prime importance, and that too is done on the move. No matter what your mobile apps turn out to be.

Whether utility apps, business apps, social networking apps, chat apps, customized apps, payment gateway apps, restaurant or food based apps, medical apps, multimedia apps, specific company website apps, or so on, businesses can reach the targeted consumers in no time without being bound by specific regional presence.

People worldwide are now more interested in getting connected with each other with just a smartphone in their hands connected to the Internet. It won’t be long until people expect IoT taking over in the technological arena, or they could expect things to be even more mobile than what you see today.

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