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How to Use Your Knowledge Base to Excel in Your Business

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Competition in the business world is very tough. Therefore, it is essential to take certain steps, like using knowledge base software, to improve your business in several ways and make it shine when compared with the competition. Relying on your knowledge base can significantly increase a company’s productivity and create higher profit margins if the system is implemented correctly.

Utilizing this software tool is essential for every type of business, no matter how big it is. This is why an increasing number of companies are starting to use knowledge base platforms, and there are several important benefits to this approach. It is time-efficient and a great knowledge database which can be accessed by employees or clients at all times. Additionally, it makes communication much easier and faster, which, in some cases, doubles the productivity of the entire company. So let’s get into detail and elaborate these facts some more.

What is knowledge base software?

This software is responsible for creating a number of customized web pages, which makes it a very important solution for a variety of businesses. These platforms were first used for large websites such as Wikipedia, where an incredible amount of information is stored.

Knowledge base is a collection of data which is very important for a company. As the company grows, there is an increasing amount of information that should be properly organized. This is where this kind of software becomes necessary, as it is used to create a set of well-organized web pages, accessible by employees only, which contain all the important information about the company’s projects.

Information can include materials such as video tutorials for new employees, questionnaires about employee satisfaction, documents about the ongoing projects where people can collaborate in real time or FAQ pages, which are necessary for achieving perfect customer satisfaction. The variety of stored data makes the whole workflow much smoother and it increases productivity several times.

These kinds of platforms are very useful for both personal and enterprise needs, as small and big companies alike have quite a lot of extremely important business related data that needs to be stored and classified efficiently.

How does it help your business?

Implementing this kind of software can greatly improve a business in different ways and these are the several benefits of using it:

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Over time, as a company continually grows, the amounts of customers significantly increases. This can cause great stress for the company’s support team, reaching a point where it is literally impossible to answer all the questions that new customers have. This is where knowledge base platforms can help out greatly with an easy creation of an FAQ page. With the ease of use that these platforms provide, creating and customizing an FAQ page is faster than ever.

The most important thing is to create a user-friendly FAQ which can intuitively show the answer to the most basic questions the customer might have. As many customers are going to have many answers to questions they have immediately, their satisfaction is going to increase immediately. Additionally, this creates less stress on the support team which can switch their attention to other pressing matters. Not to mention the fact that support calls can be quite costly, which means that it is a great way of reducing business expenses.

It’s easier for employees to collaborate on several projects simultaneously

This is done by creating pages that are accessible by the company’s staff only. Hiring and communication with employees who are working from distant regions is also much easier and more time-efficient. Communication is made easy between employees. It is also possible to more easily outsource certain tasks to freelancers from other parts of the world by making some projects visible by the newly hired freelancers.

New employees can get up to speed much faster

On the other hand, as the new employee starts working for the company, it is possible to create a database that he or she can access to get familiar with company policies. All the tiny details that are important for their job are always one click away. For example, this can include data about the working position, which tasks are expected to be completed by the employed person or immediate access to important projects. All related documentation is there to let the newest member catch up with the rest of the team members.

Additionally, it is possible to share all the educative videos previously created that can directly show the employee all the necessary things that he or she should acquire to further improve their productivity, especially if a company uses a certain piece of software which was created specifically for the company.

Before the knowledge base system was invented, a lot of money was spent on employee training, but with this kind of system, the company saves both time and money, while staying equally productive.

Additionally, whenever someone leaves the company for good, they lose access to the most important data, keeping the intellectual property of the company safe and sound.

Collaboration with other businesses is much easier

Since all of the pages created can function on intranet, extranet and the internet, it’s quite simple for multiple businesses to work together and share information. Instead of wasting time by having your team explain the details of your project to other companies, it is possible to simply share the collection of data from your knowledge base, which would provide a clear picture to the business associate about everything that is important for the shared project.

Business merging is made easier

The number of companies being sold is on the rise and knowledge base software solutions are quite helpful in these kinds of situations. Once a company is purchased, accessing its data is much easier via these platforms. This can greatly increase the merger process and this kind of efficiency is valued greatly. It saves money and hours put in collecting the new data. Additionally, all this data can be combined to create a richer unified database.

These are only some of the ways in which knowledge base can help you excel in your business. Being creative with the platforms can create other possible uses that can further increase a company’s productivity.3

What are the choices?

There are a lot of companies that offer knowledge base software services. Each of them offers unique features and design, and it all depends on the needs of the users. Some are focused on large corporations while others are better for smaller companies. It is important to dedicate some time for thorough research, as you should know the capabilities of each of these platforms.

The ultimate decision will have to be based on the available budget and the specific type of knowledge base software that you need. With a little bit of online research, you will easily be able to conclude which option is the best one for your team’s needs. Keep in mind that the solution you pick should have good further support and that it has good recommendation ratings, as this ensures higher quality and functionality. More importantly, the solution should be easy to manage, so pay attention to how user-friendly the platform is, the point is to make it easier for your team and you will be able to do it only if you pick straightforward software which can be easily operated by everyone in your company.

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